Who Am I?

So, who am I? Here are some facts about me that I think will define this blog and also help any readers of this blog understand it and me a bit better:

My name is Sun. I'm 35. I'm a Korean American. I'm from Oakland, but I now live in Oregon.  I'm a member of the LGBT community, notably identifying with the B part of that acronym. I am married to a truly amazing man, who I refer to as "manz" in this blog, mainly 'cause of that old phrase "my manz and them" which sort of signified your crew, I guess. He's the 1 man crew I got these days, and he holds it down, for sure. Anyway, more facts about me, I was a foster kid when I was in my later teens, coming out of the system before I aged out of it.

I was a middle kid, and grew up in my dad's martial arts studio, surrounded by blue collar men, so I probably heard the word "Fuck" early on and I definitely recall hearing a lot of talk about women, and I think a lot of those experiences shaped me into who I am today.

What I've become: I know I'm a product of my upbringing and environment. The major thing to know about me is that I like breaking paradigms like Terry Tate. I like to be contrary and to break stereotypes wherever and whenever possible. What does that mean? I am a tomboy at heart. Sometimes I'm majorly conflicted. I'm a woman in her 30s with a teen aged boy living inside me. I love hip hop music, video games, comic books, football, action/martial arts movies, and your mom jokes. I also think that I'm very layered and a Jane of All Trades because...

Some things I've learned/grown to love as an adult: I love foreign and indie films. I love food, although I'm not a foodie, 'cause fuck that shit, I ain't that snobby. I love a lot of different kinds of music now, although of course, hop hop and r&b are always going to be my first loves. I love really good television, although for me that changes from time to time. I love a lot of shonen anime. (Weird that I came to like this as 30-something, and not younger, but hey)

I've been compared to the following:

Probably because of my lower pitched voice and sarcasm.

The martial arts training and the relationship with her father, I guess.

Likes to fight, also very sarcastic and direct. Also stubborn and confrontational at times. Check.

Violent, raised in "captivity" and major mommy issues growing up? Yep.

I guess what that means is that I: am smart, sarcastic and cynical, have violent tendencies, have been taught martial arts since I was a young girl at my father's request, am a tomboy, am considered to be very "rough and tumble", get along better with boys, never really bonded with my mother, have a dark side, seem cold, and don't often express my feelings.

Hmm. That about covers it.