Saturday, January 5, 2013


Wow. I haven't posted in 8 months. It seems like a long time, and kind of seems longer than that in a weird, contradictory way.

Anyway, for 2013, I was thinking that I'd like to expand the format of this blog more, to be more open, since this blog started 7 years ago now as a place for me to have a journal. In journals we're supposed to be more open and honest with ourselves, but as I found out that "omg people actually read my blog!" I kept what I wanted to cover here to a strict list of topics, and tried to keep a sort of weird anonymity. I'm going to change those things going forward, which I think will predominantly help ME stay on track and true to what I want this blog to be for myself, but also may be more interesting to any readers still out there. At the very least, I'll be making myself happy, 'cause fuck all ya'll. I kid, I love you guys srsly.

I guess the ways I'm going to be opening up will include real pictures of me and sometimes of me and manz together, as well as talking about other stuff that interests me, like a limited amount of clothing, makeup, weight loss and cooking as it relates to the Paleo/Primal lifestyle that manz and I know ascribe to. Sometimes I've recorded myself singing and thought I sounded particularly good, so hell, maybe I'll post some of that. I think I'll also be more documenting the new things I'm doing in my life, both personally and professionally. At the very least, this will be an interesting experience for me, being more open and having this space be one that represents more of me as a whole person. A pretty awesome person, amirite?

With all that said, here's the most recent picture of me. I've lost about 65 pounds in the last...couple years, maybe? With the bulk of it being in the last year and a half. 

Who's surprised I'm wearing that shirt? That's right, no one.

Manz and I took some pics to send his parents. This is what we sent them:

 But I actually liked this one more, I don't know why:

I also updated my "Who am I" page, if anyone's interested. I think it will help those who have read my blog before, and it's especially good for those that haven't. I think my next few posts will be discussing what I'm doing currently. What I'm reading, what I'm listening to, what I'm watching, etc.

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