Wednesday, April 18, 2012


So. It's been a MONTH after I said I would start posting again, and I haven't. But! This time, I can honestly say it wasn't due to being worried if my posts were worthy. This was about shit being crazy in me and manz' life.

Well, so let me break down for you the last couple months. I was on medical leave for a while, since about December. I don't remember if I ever talked about it here, and I'm too lazy/tired to go back and look. My fibromyalgia was getting bad, and then I found out I had a cyst. Well, of course I was freaked the fuck out because my mom had breast cancer. Long story short, they told me it was stress related and to take some time off of work. So I took about 3 months off, not all of it voluntary or intentional.

For a long time I wondered if I wanted to continue doing union work or not. I won't lie, the shit was brutal. But then, I had heard that my office in particular was really fucked up, and I still wanted negotiations experience. So I thought and thought about what to do. Well, then I found out I FINALLY am getting my diploma, so then I really, really wanted more negotiations experience, 'cause I didn't get 30k into debt for nothing, right?

Well, in a nutshell, what I wanted wasn't exactly compatible to what my boss wanted, so, I finally decided to say deuces and throw up the peace sign. Unfortunately, this happened right when manz got laid off. I was desperately applying at negotiations jobs all over the West Coast, 'cause our lease was up, and with no kids, and no mortgage, there was nothing tying us to SD. I finally got a call and went in for some interviews at another regional office of the same union I worked for, and they made me an offer. A huge raise to go work in Fresno (with a much lower cost of living) and I'd be able to be in on negotiations with Fresno County? I'm fucking IN THERE LIKE SWIM WEAR.

Fortune cookies
Just so you know, after the first interview, we went out to a Chinese restaurant for dinner, and this is what manz and I got. That shit was crazy. It reminded me of that one Twilight Zone episode.

After that we packed up all the shit we could into our two cars and manz and I drove up to Fresno and did the damn thing. We found an awesome place, and although we heard it was really hard to find a job in Fresno, manz got a call the same week we moved up, and got hired.

Shit is crazy, right? When things happen for manz and I, they always happen all at once. Which is awesome, and things really just keep looking up, which is also awesome. Fresno so far has been mad cool and the people and our jobs (and surprisingly, the food) has been good, so we're happy so far.

Korean ads
Speaking of food, while we were still up in Fresno during the interview process, we found a really good Korean restaurant. This poster cracked me up, because the dude might as well be a meme. "Hey girl..." That one was behind me.

This was right above manz' head:
Korean ads 2
He is WAY TOO HAPPY about his beer. For real.

While we're happy now, I don't think we'll be happy when the summertime comes 'cause it's hotter than hell out here, but hey, maybe it'll help us lose more weight.

tl;dr: Manz and I moved to Fresno and got new jobs and we're happy so far.

Anyway, so I've had all this shit I've seen in the last month or so that I wanted to share.

Murder Club
We were in Fry's, getting some tech shit for the new place, and manz nudges me and says, "Check this out, you must be the founding member!"

Yes, JDL, we did pose them this way, and we laughed our asses off in the middle of Ikea. "Ha ha, a ball kick!" Yes, we are retarded.

Table legs that see the future.
Driving back from Ikea, we saw this truck with that table in the back, and I was like, "Why the hell would you want to have crystal balls on your table legs??" Manz just says, with a straight face, "Well, sometimes the carpet wants to see the future too, you know."

Sweet bottom
Maybe I was tired, but it amused me that the back of the truck said it was a "Sweet Bottom". Don't ask.

Bacon salad
This is a picture of the best fucking salad OF ALL TIME. OF ALL TIME! The cafe right outside of our new place serves BACON SALAD WITH BACON DRESSING. It's fucking delightful.

Also, a couple of pictures of my new place that I think most readers of this blog will appreciate:

This is in our living room area. Most awesome rug ever seen, EVER. Amirite?

These have been relocated to be right outside our office.

sitting area
I'm pretty proud of this area. I think it says, "Hi, we're super hardcore nerdy artfags." We still haven't finished unpacking the rest our comics.

I'm also very proud of this piece of art. One of our good friends bought it for me on my last berfday and I finally had the chance to have it framed. It's by one of my favorite comic artists, J. Scott Campbell. I hope to add a couple more to this wall.

This room hasn't quite come together 100% yet, but it's almost there. See, instead of getting a new TV, manz got a projector, and a 100" screen. We plan on mounting the projector on the wall on the left and mounting the screen on the wall on the right, but we're not sure yet how all the wiring will work out. Also, I think this room says, "Hi, we're liberal nerds because we love Stewart and Colbert and BSG."

Well! That's all for now folks...jumping into work like I have has been a little insane, but I did get that Logitech keyboard for my iPad finally, so I'm hoping to be able to post more often. Not having a commute and being much more stress free does seem to get my desire to write more going. Funny how that works.


  1. yo, congrats on all that! your place looks nice, too. you got some dope
    nerdart in there. that rug...that rug. shit is official. i feel like i need to visit you just to see the rug in it's a shrine.

  2. Thank you, thank you!

    When I first saw that rug online, I was like "aww shit yeah!" and I had it bookmarked for like 2 months. I don't think I've ever been more pleased with a decorative item in any place I've lived.

    Hey, if you & wifey wanna come visit the nerd shrine, holla. Seriously.