Sunday, February 5, 2012

To JDL (And other Giants fans)

Manz and I decided not to watch the Super Bowl at all this year for a variety of reasons. However, on this day, let me just say grats on your Super Bowl win.I'm not one to shit on people's parades so...I'll reserve any commentary for a later date.


  1. And Madonna performed with Nicki Minaj and M.I.A at halftime and didn't even make out with them. What the hell, man.

  2. What??? I don't know about M.I.A. but you'd think Nicki Minaj would have stuck her tongue into Madonna's mouth at least once.

  3. I'm interested in that commentary. I've had a good week to soak it up, so I think it's officially "a later date" now.
    There were plenty of people who hated Madonna's performance, but I liked it. I didn't even notice that M.I.A put up her middle finger, but everybody was acting all offended over it. But that shit was retroactive, bcuz a lot of people didn't even see it when it happened; they heard about it after the fact and just jumped on an opportunity to whine.

  4. I can't believe we as a country are actually still hung up about people putting up one finger in a public place. Seriously, fuck America sometimes. Someone posted a comment on my blog a few weeks ago talking about how I obviously hate America. It's not that I hate America, I love my country. I just hate people.

    Anyway, about the Giants...I mean, after I've had time to think about it, Eli's been very gracious and very good natured about everything, even about all the questions about Peyton. I guess I just haven't felt like the Giants are an ELITE team. When I think top tier in the East, I don't usually include them is all. But hey, every dog has his power to 'em.