Tuesday, February 14, 2012


...No, I'm not bitter 'cause manz didn't buy me anything. Let me explain.

People generally call today V Day. You know why? V stands for vagina. Both for what controls this day, and what most men and lesbians hope to get at the end of the day. (And if you're really lucky, as in you spent a lot of money at Tiffany's, other shit too.)

Here's what I've come to realize about Valentine's Day. That shit is LAME. It's a made up holiday that's all about pressure, and mostly on men. This is a day where women usually are the ones that come out ahead, and men are the ones that usually get screwed, and usually not in a way you'd like. Why do you have to save up money right after Christmas so 6 weeks later you can buy her another gift? And why does it have to be better than the last one?

Sure, at first, manz bought me shit on Valentine's Day, and I also got him presents. He likes buying me shit and he does whenever he gets the chance. That's the kind of nice thing about it. He'll buy me a little something here and there, and I do the same for him. They're little nice surprises. But we don't set aside a day like today where we have to do some extravagant shit, go out to a restaurant we'd normally like but that today has a shitty fixed menu, only to have the pressure of having to be ROMANTIC (gag) when we get home. Don't get me wrong. You guys know I'm a control freak so I'm all about planning. But showing you love someone? That shit needs to be spontaneous, and should be more than just buying jewelry that comes in a blue box.

Manz and I decided maybe after our first year that we'd pretty much only celebrate our birthdays, our anniversary, and Christmas. That's it. Maybe a year later we decided that we'd rather pool our money that we were gonna spend on presents, and go somewhere. Happy memories > most presents.

This post isn't to talk about how awesome manz and I are, it's really not. I guess I'm just hoping that women will stop expecting men to just buy shit for them (I mean, if you want Tiffany's, go buy it yourself, sheeit) and men need to realize that when you have to cater to a woman like that, it gets you nowhere fast, or at least nowhere lasting. We need to break ourselves out of the idea that your feelings are measurable by how much money you spend on someone.

But I guess I'm kinda bad that way. I'm not good with feelings or talking about them. I think you guys know the story about me being kind of an asshole to manz about feelings right? If not - one day he was being kind of romantic and telling me he loved me and all that. I felt weird and awkward like I do whenever people talk about feelings, and even though I love him more than anything, I didn't know what to say back. So I took a deep breath and said:

"Same to you, buddy."


  1. ...Tiffany's? I've never bought a Tiffany's anything in my life. I've never felt like I had to either, so that's nice. I agree about happy memories being>>.
    But dammit, I love it when wifey walks thru the door talking about, "Got you something," and tosses a video game at me.

  2. Well, yeah, spontaneous purchases are the best, that's what I'm saying. Good for you on not ever buying Tiffany's though...that just means you've always had good taste in women. I'm sure wifey agrees.