Saturday, October 8, 2011


I know it's been a few days since he's passed, but RIP, Steve. I never knew him or met him, but when I found out he had passed, I felt a twinge inside.
A while back after I read that he had stepped down officially, maybe a few months ago, I read an editorial about him. It was written by someone who was not necessarily a Steve Jobs or Apple fan, which is what made it most interesting to me. The author basically said that no matter how you feel about Steve or his products or his company, that his story was the ultimate underdog + comeback kid story. He was adopted, grew up kinda rough, ended up forming his company, got ran out of said company, then came back to become a household name and make the company bigger than anyone had an idea it would even be. Whenever I think that I can't do something, I'll remember Steve Jobs, because his life is a testament to how you really can think big, dream big, and achieve those dreams on sheer willpower alone. If you don't accept the possibility of defeat or failure, there's no choice but to win.


  1. We were watching TV the night he died and they interrupted whatever was on at the time with one of those "special report" alerts, and my wife goes, "This better be important!" Given that we're Apple enthusiasts, we felt that same twinge you talked about. ...Think Different, indeed...

    don't forget to update you idevices to iOS 5 on Wed!

  2. Dude: