Thursday, October 13, 2011


Nerdgasm. SO EXCITED!

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  1. yep.
    i haven't seen Capt. America yet. i'm waiting till it comes out next week on blu-ray so i can keep my Marvel movies collection up to date. plus i'm a nerd for bonus material (those Agent Coulson shorts are dope). but yeeaahhh, The Avengers looks O-fficial. i'm not sure where they're gonna go with these films after this tho without things getting too repetitive. Avengers 5 is a no go. Maybe reboot Daredevil and Elektra? Move forward with Deadpool minus Ryan Reynolds? I just picked up a Daughters of the Dragon (Misty Knight/Colleen Wing) set (#1-6) that Marvel put out in 2006. After reading it, I'm convinced a movie would be a good move.