Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Jadakiss asked this question, and I have to ask it myself now. Last night something happened that really disturbed me and actually hurt me even though it didn't happen to me.
Part of what I do on occasion at work is cold call members of ours to give them information that's important to them that they need to know. It's the cheapest thing, since sending mail out to 6000 people is infinitely more expensive than calling them. In any case, sometimes we cold call people who haven't explicitly given us permission to call them. Now, they know we have their contact information because they give it to us, but they don't actually say, "Yes, you can call me." however, in the contract campaign that we're going through right now, we've specifically asked people to let us know if we can call them with updates. They even sign a card saying so.
Last night a co-worker of mine called this guy who we know has been a bit rude in the past, but he did sign a card, so we called him to give him the updates. When we call someone who has caller ID it comes up as our organization calling, so usually when people answer they know who it is. Well last night, when my co-worker called this guy, he knew who was calling. He started going off on my co-worker before he could even get a word in. Now, I get it if you don't want people calling you, but this guy called my co-worker a fucking faggot and a fucking n*****.
I mean, is that at all necessary? Sure my co-worker is black, and he is gay. But why was that necessary? And why was it necessary to go for the double tap of insults? Especially because this guy KNOWS that my co-worker is both black and gay, so he made it personal. What did he ever do to deserve that kind of bullshit? And in a modern city like San Diego, people actually do that shit? I kind of thought that only happened in the south anymore. I kinda thought that racism and xenophobia of this magnitude was a lot more subtle and institutionalized here. Not that any of this makes what this asshole did acceptable in any way, wherever he lives...but still. Do you guys know what I mean?
That hurt me in my heart and made me die a little more on the inside. Even though this co-worker and I have been on opposing sides in things that have happened with the drama in the workplace, I still don't think anyone deserves shit like that. Shit like that makes it harder for me to want to go to back to work.


  1. ...enh...what do you say?
    There will always be people around to remind you that ignorance is alive and well. When I left NYC and went to TX, one of the dumbest things people would ask me is: "Is there racism in New York?" Of course, you idiot! But like you said, modern city people are good at hiding it. In TX? Please! If they don't come right out and say it, it's written all over their face. I'm not gay but I am black, so I encounter certain shit on a regular basis. But the bottom line is that there are assholes everywhere you go. And I agree people like that just make life a little less enjoyable. But I think it also strengthens your resolve to be a better human being.

  2. Yo, what happened to your John Stewart post?? That was an instant classic!
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  3. My Jon Stewart post looks like it's still there to me, but I dunno what happened t your comment on this post. Maybe I need to changeover to wordpress?