Friday, May 20, 2011

Conversations With: Manz

So there have been a couple of instances lately where manz made some complete conversation stoppers that were pretty damned awesome.
Situation 1:
My friend Amanda and I were walking down the street with manz at a little street festival in our hood last weekend. There were. Bunch of people there trying to get us to sign petitions. Now, down here in SD I have had bad moments with people asking me to sign petitions, especially lately. I get approached by a lot of conservative fuckheads to sign shit that is part of their agenda. More frequently I had a run in with some idiot who had the nerve to tell me, (after I told him I wouldn't sign his shit because I worked for a labor union and his petition was anti-labor) "well, they SAY that unions are ruining San Diego, what do you think about that?" I think he smelled the murder in the air at that point because he quickly left.
But I digress. So some asshole was bugging us about signing a petition about supporting medical marijuana dispensaries. Now, I ordinarily would have, except his little booth ALSO said in small letters, "Support small business by allowing hiring of non-union workers". Manz was starting to slow down, and I said, "Nah, fuck that, he's trying to union bust!" so we started walking faster again. The guy was like, "Hey, support us and medical marijuana, we need 30,000 signatures!" Manz says loudly to the guy, "That's A LOT!" The dude just opened then closed his mouth. Guess he didn't know how to respond to that. When Amanda and I busted up, manz says innocently, "What? I was trying to keep the conversation going!"
Situation 2:
I was at a meeting with two of my co-workers and we were talking about PSN being down recently. One of them was saying that he hoped it was back up, as he likes FPS games. As much as I personally love my PS3, I told him he needed a 360 if he really loved FPS games and playing them online. He said, "Oh, I know, and I guess it's something to think about since the network was down." Then he says, "Oh, did you know that the first time it was down it was taken down by a hacker group cal-" I overrode him and said, "Yes, a hacker group called Anonymous." Then he said, "Oh, well did you know the second time that it was a DIFFERENT group, but that -" and I interrupted with, "Yes, they blamed Anonymous but Anonymous said it wasn't them." He looked a little nonplussed at that and then he said, "And then Anonymous post-" and I sighed loudly and looked over my glasses at him (you can imagine the look of disgust I had on my face at that point) and said "Yes, yes, Anonymous posted on their site that it wasn't them but that So y had better get their shit together or else it would be them next time. Yes, I know. Of COURSE I know. I'm a gamer and an Internet nerd. How would I NOT know?"
When I was telling manz this, as soon as I uttered the last sentence he said, pretending he was me, "Sheeit. Bitch, I am LEGION!"


  1. I see he's kept his wit sharpened to a razor's edge, that second one is great.

  2. Only a fellow Internet nerd like you would understand how hilarious the second one was to me.

  3. Concerning the second scenario, my wife asked, "What if instead of assuming she DIDN'T know anything because she's a girl, he assumed she knew it ALL because she's Asian?" We have a friend who's Japanese and people have actually come up to her in Best Buy and asked her if she thinks Hitachi or Samsung makes better TVs, among other stupendously dimwitted things.

  4. Woah, internet notoriety and I didn't even know it. Manz' comment was hilariously awesome that day.