Thursday, May 12, 2011

Common: Misogynist Copicidal Black Supremacist?

Do the pundits at Fox ever have trouble when they're "reporting news" and trying not to laugh hysterically? I mean, are they self aware at all?

HAHAHAHAHA! I'm sorry, that was too funny. If you guys missed the latest "controversy", Jon Stewart did an amazing job as usual talking shit about Fox and poking more holes in their Swiss cheese resembling logic.

It's shit like this, you guys. Shit like this that makes me wonder about the future of America.


  1. ?
    Craziness. I read this the day you posted it, then came back the next day and *poof* it was gone. I reloaded the page mad times, too...and nothing. Now I come back and there it is!

  2. It's Marcurespekt! Whattttup! It been a minute!

  3. "I want a bitch that look good and cook good"

    That is misogyny. No way around it.

    I have always loved Common but this is oppression, no two ways about it. Calling yourself 'conscious' or claiming to campaign for equality means nothing if you then release a single with lyrics like this.