Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beginning of the Week Pron: Magical Mammaries

I know it probably seems a little weird for me go be posting pics of boobs on Mother's Day and all, but keep in mind that Mother's Day means jack shit to me, after all. Considering what you all know about my relationship (or lack thereof) with my family, you can see why today is like any other old day for me. Additionally, I ain't a mother myself nor do I plan on being one any time in the near future. Also, perhaps there's some sort of correlation between breasts and mothers...sort of?

First of all, this picture caught my eye because that is one hell of a handful. Also I kinda dug the picture because it reminded me of older porn, where the women were much more natural and not all skinny blonde bitches with big fake tits. Admittedly this was also the time when natural also meant big huge bush like they had the head of a 70s basketball player in between their legs, but hey, nothing's perfect, amirite?

This girl. Too skinny, but those breasts are perfectly shaped and sized! Admittedly, the pic is a bit shopped, but I know from personal experience that the skin might be smoothed out but those tits are legit.

Clearly not an American girl, due to the tan lines, and her overall look. I like the whole shape of her body, and she seems just right. Not too too skinny. I'd like to see what dat ass looks like, though. She could be Brazilian 'cause of those tan lines and you know what that means.

Only an Eastern European girl could have tits that shape and size and be that skinny. I know this girl but forgot her name. Plus, do we really need to know her name? Seriously.

Same here. She's prolly Eastern European, and too skinny. But I can't deny the glory of that rack. Not all big breasted women can be shaped like Gianna, sadly.

These breasts are PERFECT specimens. I mean, can YOU see anything wrong with them?


  1. Of course there's a correlation between boobs and mothers. As long as those boobs belong to OTHER people's mothers, I'm good!

    Such a fine, fine collection as always. SO glad I tuned in. And +1 for tan lines!

  2. Well I knew there was a correlation between boobs and mothers, but I didn't want to go into the obvious breast feeding thing 'cause that just seemed weird. You know? I know, I'm a weirdo.

  3. The girl who is "clearly not an American" is 100% American pornstar Janine Lindemulder, born in La Miranda, California, USA.

    Your choice in chicks is good, but your dislike if not hatred for the US (as evidenced by your other posts) has blinded you even to beauty. American exceptionalism is great. Evidence abounds, even in the form of super-hot chicks. Let go your anger - it's all good.

    The eastern European chick goes by Gabrielle. I think she's from Slovakia. Don't know the last name.