Friday, May 20, 2011

Conversations With: Manz

So there have been a couple of instances lately where manz made some complete conversation stoppers that were pretty damned awesome.
Situation 1:
My friend Amanda and I were walking down the street with manz at a little street festival in our hood last weekend. There were. Bunch of people there trying to get us to sign petitions. Now, down here in SD I have had bad moments with people asking me to sign petitions, especially lately. I get approached by a lot of conservative fuckheads to sign shit that is part of their agenda. More frequently I had a run in with some idiot who had the nerve to tell me, (after I told him I wouldn't sign his shit because I worked for a labor union and his petition was anti-labor) "well, they SAY that unions are ruining San Diego, what do you think about that?" I think he smelled the murder in the air at that point because he quickly left.
But I digress. So some asshole was bugging us about signing a petition about supporting medical marijuana dispensaries. Now, I ordinarily would have, except his little booth ALSO said in small letters, "Support small business by allowing hiring of non-union workers". Manz was starting to slow down, and I said, "Nah, fuck that, he's trying to union bust!" so we started walking faster again. The guy was like, "Hey, support us and medical marijuana, we need 30,000 signatures!" Manz says loudly to the guy, "That's A LOT!" The dude just opened then closed his mouth. Guess he didn't know how to respond to that. When Amanda and I busted up, manz says innocently, "What? I was trying to keep the conversation going!"
Situation 2:
I was at a meeting with two of my co-workers and we were talking about PSN being down recently. One of them was saying that he hoped it was back up, as he likes FPS games. As much as I personally love my PS3, I told him he needed a 360 if he really loved FPS games and playing them online. He said, "Oh, I know, and I guess it's something to think about since the network was down." Then he says, "Oh, did you know that the first time it was down it was taken down by a hacker group cal-" I overrode him and said, "Yes, a hacker group called Anonymous." Then he said, "Oh, well did you know the second time that it was a DIFFERENT group, but that -" and I interrupted with, "Yes, they blamed Anonymous but Anonymous said it wasn't them." He looked a little nonplussed at that and then he said, "And then Anonymous post-" and I sighed loudly and looked over my glasses at him (you can imagine the look of disgust I had on my face at that point) and said "Yes, yes, Anonymous posted on their site that it wasn't them but that So y had better get their shit together or else it would be them next time. Yes, I know. Of COURSE I know. I'm a gamer and an Internet nerd. How would I NOT know?"
When I was telling manz this, as soon as I uttered the last sentence he said, pretending he was me, "Sheeit. Bitch, I am LEGION!"

Stewart v. O'Reilly, Round 3

As JDL pointed out, Bill O'Reilly was ethered on his own damn show. Well, looks like he was ethered on his own damn website, too. Cryin' shame, ain't it?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Stewart v. O'reilly = EPIC WIN

The title says it all. Jon Stewart is really SO SO SO much smarter than those idiots at Faux News.

Round 1:

Round 2:

I love that man. I don't love many men, but Jon Stewart, I do so love him.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Common: Misogynist Copicidal Black Supremacist?

Do the pundits at Fox ever have trouble when they're "reporting news" and trying not to laugh hysterically? I mean, are they self aware at all?

HAHAHAHAHA! I'm sorry, that was too funny. If you guys missed the latest "controversy", Jon Stewart did an amazing job as usual talking shit about Fox and poking more holes in their Swiss cheese resembling logic.

It's shit like this, you guys. Shit like this that makes me wonder about the future of America.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Jadakiss asked this question, and I have to ask it myself now. Last night something happened that really disturbed me and actually hurt me even though it didn't happen to me.
Part of what I do on occasion at work is cold call members of ours to give them information that's important to them that they need to know. It's the cheapest thing, since sending mail out to 6000 people is infinitely more expensive than calling them. In any case, sometimes we cold call people who haven't explicitly given us permission to call them. Now, they know we have their contact information because they give it to us, but they don't actually say, "Yes, you can call me." however, in the contract campaign that we're going through right now, we've specifically asked people to let us know if we can call them with updates. They even sign a card saying so.
Last night a co-worker of mine called this guy who we know has been a bit rude in the past, but he did sign a card, so we called him to give him the updates. When we call someone who has caller ID it comes up as our organization calling, so usually when people answer they know who it is. Well last night, when my co-worker called this guy, he knew who was calling. He started going off on my co-worker before he could even get a word in. Now, I get it if you don't want people calling you, but this guy called my co-worker a fucking faggot and a fucking n*****.
I mean, is that at all necessary? Sure my co-worker is black, and he is gay. But why was that necessary? And why was it necessary to go for the double tap of insults? Especially because this guy KNOWS that my co-worker is both black and gay, so he made it personal. What did he ever do to deserve that kind of bullshit? And in a modern city like San Diego, people actually do that shit? I kind of thought that only happened in the south anymore. I kinda thought that racism and xenophobia of this magnitude was a lot more subtle and institutionalized here. Not that any of this makes what this asshole did acceptable in any way, wherever he lives...but still. Do you guys know what I mean?
That hurt me in my heart and made me die a little more on the inside. Even though this co-worker and I have been on opposing sides in things that have happened with the drama in the workplace, I still don't think anyone deserves shit like that. Shit like that makes it harder for me to want to go to back to work.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beginning of the Week Pron: Magical Mammaries

I know it probably seems a little weird for me go be posting pics of boobs on Mother's Day and all, but keep in mind that Mother's Day means jack shit to me, after all. Considering what you all know about my relationship (or lack thereof) with my family, you can see why today is like any other old day for me. Additionally, I ain't a mother myself nor do I plan on being one any time in the near future. Also, perhaps there's some sort of correlation between breasts and mothers...sort of?

First of all, this picture caught my eye because that is one hell of a handful. Also I kinda dug the picture because it reminded me of older porn, where the women were much more natural and not all skinny blonde bitches with big fake tits. Admittedly this was also the time when natural also meant big huge bush like they had the head of a 70s basketball player in between their legs, but hey, nothing's perfect, amirite?

This girl. Too skinny, but those breasts are perfectly shaped and sized! Admittedly, the pic is a bit shopped, but I know from personal experience that the skin might be smoothed out but those tits are legit.

Clearly not an American girl, due to the tan lines, and her overall look. I like the whole shape of her body, and she seems just right. Not too too skinny. I'd like to see what dat ass looks like, though. She could be Brazilian 'cause of those tan lines and you know what that means.

Only an Eastern European girl could have tits that shape and size and be that skinny. I know this girl but forgot her name. Plus, do we really need to know her name? Seriously.

Same here. She's prolly Eastern European, and too skinny. But I can't deny the glory of that rack. Not all big breasted women can be shaped like Gianna, sadly.

These breasts are PERFECT specimens. I mean, can YOU see anything wrong with them?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Star Wars Gear

Being a hardcore nerd sometimes is way too fucking expensive. As nerddom becomes more and more acceptable, companies realize they need to cater to us, and now this shit is starting to get out of control.

Adidas started a new line recently which is totally random. Maybe for Force Unleashed originally, and now more recently for The Old Republic? I have no idea, but these are a couple of the kicks they put out and I WANT THEM.

Remember these guys?


They also have Han Solo shoes, but based on when he was frozen in carbonite. A better choice for a shoe colorway, in my opinion.

Marc Ecko put out some hoodies as well. For the full effect they zip up in front over your face.

Darth Maul hoodie? Fuck yeah.


Stupid capitalism!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Obama = 1 BAMF

I will say that there have been times in the past couple of years where I've been proud of him, disappointed, and mad at him, sometimes all at once. I have never ever lost sight of the fact that being the American President is probably the hardest job in the whole world, however. But this weekend has brought me new revelations.
First this I see this shit this morning.

Now this:
I love how the Fox News crowd is already attributing his success to all the hard work Dubya put in. I feel your pain, Obama. A couple of weeks ago my coworkers tried to say that any success I've had has been because of them - 'cause even though I've busted my ass the last year, I'm just capitalizing off of the work they put in before I even got there. I had a hard time not killing those bitches. I don't know how you've kept your cool all this time.