Thursday, April 14, 2011

Random Angry Non Sequitur

So how does it feel, huh?

Sometimes I wonder how I stay so angry all the time. I'm usually angry about something or other. Manz swears it's passion, but I kinda just see it as angry. Maybe that's why I'm still in therapy. (Yes, I am angry today, today's reason is because people are so stupid. Modern medicine is evil for eliminating survival of the fittest.) 

Is it bad that I thought this picture was hysterical? And can you tell I don't like flowers? I mean, seriously, who gives someone a gift that dies? That's kind of bullshit. Buy me some god damned electronics.

1 comment:

  1. People ARE stupid. A good percentage of the conversations the wife and I have revolve around idiots. She's not a big fan of flowers either. Whenever I'm out and I see some guy in a flower shop looking stressed out, I can't help but go, "SUCKERRR!" Sometimes out loud.