Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding. Really?

I'm just wondering why we even care. I mean, I firmly believe we should care about world events. But it's shit like this, you guys.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Madden 12

I am sure you guys already know this, but yesterday the winner for the cover of Madden 12 was announced. I have to say I thought it was really cool that they let us vote on it, because then the people who we really wanna see on the cover or who we feel deserves it ends up making the cover. Well, theoretically anyway. I kept forgetting until it was down to 8 choices but then I voted as often as I could. Of the last 4 I would have been happy with all of the contenders, but honestly the actual winner made me the happiest:
I don't think anyone was happier than manz to see Peyton Hillis actually winning. Last night I watched the announcement with both Mike Vick and Peyton Hillis and it was really awesome how gracious Mike Vick was. Plus I'm sure that he feels the sting of the Madden curse from the first time around. But as they say, 2 curses cancel each other out, so manz is hoping that this means Cleveland will get somewhere this year.
Side note: When I was talking to manz about the results, this is what went down.
Me: That's so awesome that Hillis won! I'm so glad for you and Browns fans!
Manz: Yeah, he's the first Cleveland player to be on the cover of a major sports game in any sport EVER.
Me: Wow, really? That's even more awesome! I guess everyone loves an underdog.
Manz: (2 seconds after I said "underdog") Yeah, way more so than someone who murders dogs.
PS: Damnit JDL you beat me to the punch, I saw your comment as I was typing this post out!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Socially Awkward Penguin

So, in an effort to shed the self imposed tag of being "socially awkward", I decided to check out the Socially Awkward Penguin memes and see whether or not they applied to me. I've been told lately that I'm actually not socially awkward (well, at least not anymore, I've come a long way in the last 2 years apparently) and that all I'm left with now in terms of lacking social skills is a very common fear of speaking in public.

But when I looked at the memes I mainly LMAO'ed because well, they're funny because they're true. I decided to post the 5 I liked the most and some explanation.

Yeaaaaah. I HATE it when I go anywhere where I have to sit down amongst people I don't know for a period of time and someone sits right next to me. If it's crowded and that's the only seat available, fine. But if it it's empty, for the love of god, WHY ME? I've been to the doctor's office quite a bit lately for a variety of reasons, and let me tell you, there's nothing that bugs me more than someone sitting right next to me when there are dozens of other chairs available. And yeah, don't try to strike up a conversation with me, either. I will act like an elitist pig and pretend I'm reading something on my iPad and fully ignore you.

Ugh. I hate this one because I do it a lot. Like, there are so many times that I want to say some internet/gaming nerd thing and then change everything I was going to say because the person won't get it. Or of course the worst is when things do slip out and the person stares at me and I feel compelled to explain the reference. "Oh yeah it was so funny when that dude freaked out. He totally blue screened!" "Uh, what?" "Oh...well, you know, the BSOD? Blue Screen of Death?" "No..." "Oh."

Facepalm. I do this a lot. I frequently give the wrong social response because I've already planned the social event out in my head, then I say some shit like this and it's the worst. I am so uncomfortable I usually just walk away, and then I berate myself for like 30 minutes afterwards.

GOD ICEBREAKERS ARE THE WORST! I have to do them a lot these days for work, and for fuck's sake, there is nothing worse than like 50 people in a room staring at you when you give the IRL version of your a/s/l. "Uh hi, my name's Sun. And I like stuff. And things. Yeah." I hate talking at meetings and I especially hate facilitating meetings. It gives me anxiety.

Well, I totally agree with this statement. I feel like I can totally talk online and be fine, but put me in a public setting and no way I can do the same thing.  I can almost never act like "myself" IRL, even amongst groups of friends! If the group gets larger than like 10 people, suddenly I can't function.


Maybe this is something that gets better with age? Then again, I'm 34.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What's Beef?

So this week I learned that Tyler Perry and Spike Lee have been beefing for the last couple of years because Spike has continuously criticized Perry's work. Now I don't normally get involved in celebrity gossip, because honestly, I think our worship of celebrities and athletes goes way too far. It's one thing to be take an interest in someone's life and activities as it pertains to their work, if you're a fan of their work. It's quite another to obsessively follow their every move and talk about/judge their lives and actions as if they're actually people you know. And as if you actually have the right to judge someone like that. But I digress, since I've already ranted about this ad nauseum on this blog.
As I said, I just found out about their beef. Ordinarily I am a fan of Spike Lee's work. I appreciate what he's trying to do and the messages he tries to convey. I don't necessarily like every single thing he's done, but overall, I like him. He can be a little extreme at times, but hey, we live in a free country, right? As it so happens, I agree with his assessments of Tyler Perry's work. It's the lowest of the low, appealing to the lowest common denominator of the masses. I have never been a fan of Tyler Perry's work, and as a matter of fact I actually was pissed when I found out his presence would be contaminating Star Trek. Thankfully he had only a few lines. Other than that I've mostly ignored Tyler Perry and his work because, being the elitist pig I am, it doesn't appeal to me in any way, shape or form, on any level.
But this week, listening to radio on the way to work, and listening to Tyler Perry's rant about Spike Lee, I was PISSED. He actually had the nerve, the audacity, the SHEER UNMITIGATED GALL to compare himself to Booker T. Washington and W. E. B. Du Bois. Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously, Tyler Perry? SERIOUSLY?
Excuse me while I go bang my head on my desk several times. It's clear I'm missing something here. I must have misunderstood Tyler Perry from the beginning. Here I thought he was propagating stereotypes and bringing black people down, when actually he's really trying to bring them up. How silly of me.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


In other news, last night I was sleepy and commenting on Reddit and realized I was posting some cracked out looking/sounding shit. Today, Reddit had been down ALL DAY.

Coincidence? I think not!

End Of The Week Pron: Big Ol' Butt Edition

I think part of the reason I've been so stressed lately is that I have not stared at enough lady parts to help make me feel better. Or that's what I'm telling myself at least.

I love the side view. Really helps illustrate that I could rest my drink on the top of her ass if I wanted to.

This girl is super hot. This whole picture is working for me. And, she looks like Alicia Keys which is awesome.

Here's a picture anyone would like. It's artsy and a very good quality picture. Plus I could stick a fork in that ass, knowwhatI'msayin?

Seriously, isn't your first thought when you see this: Turn around! TURN AROUND FOR THE LOVE OF BABY JESUS!

That's just nice.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So Sunday was me and manz one year anniversary. I can't believe that we've been married for a whole year. And I don't mean that in a bad way at all, but just that it seems like time has passed so quickly. I guess it really has, mostly because so much has gone on in the last year. I'm glad to say that I'm just as happy as I was a year ago if not more so. Actually, I think I am happier, because as opposed to getting the wedding over with, all I feel now is excitement about the rest of our lives that's still to come.

We kept it pretty low key. We decided to see a movie and have dinner at a joint that's known as the best restaurant in San Diego. We ended up seeing Hanna, which was pretty good. The camerawork at times did give me a bit of a headache and nausea, but that might be because it's been a while since I've seen an action movie at the theater. If you decide to watch the movie, keep in mind that it's supposed to be like a fairy tale, and I don't mean that Disney bullshit. I mean like a real fairy tale. I read some review that was talking shit about how the characters were written/directed. The reviewer had an issue with the villainess, Cate Blanchett, being too much of an archetype. Well, HELLO, it's supposed to be like a fairy tale. Good and evil is pretty clear cut in fairy tales, and both sides display the epitome of each archetype.

Anyway. We had initially decided that we weren't going to get each other gifts, but well, we were at the nice mall out here and I was looking at kicks, and then I came across these:

Dude. They had ONE pair, and it was in my size. Destiny, amirite? Manz said that sealed the deal in his opinion, and so these are now sitting in my closet. As much as I love shoes, I have to say that this pair is absolutely the most awesome pair of shoes that I've ever owned, and maybe ever will own. I sent these pics to my bot Ian and he said, "Their only enemies will be clown shoes that escaped from Arkham, and scuffs." In fucking deed.

Anyway, since we were going to a 5 star restaurant, manz thought I might like it if we dressed up so we did.

Aw, I look pretty happy, don't I? I think it was the shoes. The shoes? It's gotta be the shoes!

The view was pretty sweet. This is the bay and harbor in SD, and to the left is the beginning of downtown. Manz wanted there to be a sunset, but I thought it looked cool anyway. Then again, I have been known to be emo at times.

Seriously, what restaurant does this kind of shit? The waiter got a 30 dollar tip and he deserved every penny. The food was awesome, the service was top notch, and this at the end was too good.

All in all a most satisfying day.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Do Want

I thought I had bought all the shit I could possibly need or want for my iPad but I was wrong. Can I have this now please?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Seriously, Arizona?

I mean, Arizona has had some seriously fucked up and crazy lawmakers. Their "tough" stance on immigration, and then this asshole Jon Kyl saying that 90% of Planned Parenthood's funds go towards abortions? 

As if all that wasn't bad enough, this new one takes the cake.

They can be proud to call themselves the first state to pass an official birther bill. Yes, in their state now a candidate for Presidency now has to prove his place of birth before he'll be put on the ballot for their state. You know, I'm so sick of this birther bullshit. Why can't these people have the balls to come straight out and say that they doubt the President's place of birth because he's black and has a foreign sounding name?

Good job, Arizona. You're well on your way to become a super awesome place that I'll want to visit someday. /s

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Random Angry Non Sequitur

So how does it feel, huh?

Sometimes I wonder how I stay so angry all the time. I'm usually angry about something or other. Manz swears it's passion, but I kinda just see it as angry. Maybe that's why I'm still in therapy. (Yes, I am angry today, today's reason is because people are so stupid. Modern medicine is evil for eliminating survival of the fittest.) 

Is it bad that I thought this picture was hysterical? And can you tell I don't like flowers? I mean, seriously, who gives someone a gift that dies? That's kind of bullshit. Buy me some god damned electronics.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Haters Gonna Hate

Y'know, I don't see how JDL aka howeyeceverything aka iamnotstrange does it. He makes a post on his blog every single day. Every single god damned day without fail, and I really don't know how he does it. For fuck's sake, I've wanted to post something every single day for the last month that I haven't posted shit, and yet do I actually end up posting? No. And so I leave my poor blog for a month without posting a single  god damned thing. I keep thinking that everything I post has to be some long drawn out thing, but I know it doesn't have to be, and actually it shouldn't be.

Quick newsflash about me in case you're interested:

- Yes, I'm still having problems at work.
- Yes, I still hate my coworkers and I still want to kill them all.
- Yes, I still love my job.
- In other unrelated news, I've lost almost 40 pounds! I'm finally getting back to my old self again. I'm hoping I can lose at least another 20 by June, 'cause manz and I are going to the Dominican Republic with his fam for vacation.
-I've started playing Rift. (Partially why I haven't posted in a while, too.) I know, I'm a big ol' dork, but I was tired of WoW, and I still do love MMORPGs.
-I'm mad about the possible lockout and the horrifying possibility of no football.
-I love Rep. Anthony Weiner from New York, he's fucking awesome. Possibly more on him forthcoming, or you can google him.
- ^ Semi-related, I stopped lurking on Reddit so much and actually posting comments. I got over 600 comment karma, baby! BOOYAKASHA! (Yes, I'm a dork for being proud I have comment karma. But hey, what internet nerd doesn't like validation from her nerdy peers? People apparently think the shit I say sometimes is funny or interesting. I dig it.)

Last but not least, do any of you know of an iPad app where I can post to this blog from? I tried a couple and it hasn't worked. At this point I'll pay for one. So if anyone's bored and has some free time to research for me, or knows of one offhand, I'll love you longtaimz.