Saturday, February 19, 2011


...The Diora has come BACK!

Having upper respiratory infection + 60 hour work weeks = no blog posting.

However, just a quick one today while I do my laundry on shit I seen this week. Pago posted something on this over at his blog, and I saw this in its entirety a few nights ago. Shit was awesome.

I swear watching this made me mark the fuck out, even after The Rock doing Disney movies.

Can ALL bus stops around the world be like this?


  1. hope you're feeling better. i know that shit's no joke.
    that bus stop pic is no joke either -- damn! i really, REALLY hate to be so presumptuous about this...but is that shot taken in India? if so, i must go there.
    and yeah...The Rock. he makes me a corny Disney-fied way, which isn't always a good thing. but it was pretty dope seeing him being "The Rock" again for a minute. and i don't even check for wrestling like that. but there was so much buzz i had to see what the deal was. i was entertained.

  2. Yeah respiratory problems is not a joke. You really need to take of that, ASAP.

    Yeah it's great to see the Rock back. I know the universe would implode if he did his People's Elbow one more time.

    Backshots in India? Datass.jpg

  3. So I am almost positive that shot was taken in India or Pakistan, those are the only two that make sense. But you know what, I've seen some Middle Eastern girls online that have some SERIOUS hips and ass doing the bellydancing, and that shit is glorious.

    As far as The Rock, I guess I am a fan because I remember the wrestling Renaissance in the 90s after watching it in the 80s with Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant. Seeing the Renaissance was awesome, because it was just hilarious to me because yeah, I knew it was fake, but the drama was awesome. Kinda like the NFL, actually...grown men acting ridics.

  4. I need to find a bus stop like that myself. Good lord.

    Good to see The Rock back into wrestling. I haven't watch wrestling since 03. I miss all the classic guys, pause.

  5. @ Malcolm: See, I'm mad that a lot of dudes I know around your age talked some mad shit when I was excited about The Rock coming back. Trying to act all hard like "I stopped watching when I found out IT WAS FAKE", like c'mon man, yeah it's fake, but so what? It's hilarious.