Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Midweek Pron: Hump Day

Get it? Get it? HUMP day? For the day I post pictures of some srs booty?

Anyway, it has been so long since I shared some of my pervyness with you guys, and I've got a ton of pictures I've found from all over the interwebs just piling up on my hard drive. 

I personally just like the fact that she's a brunette with a nice shapely ass. Sure, I can't see her face, but then, do you really need to? I could care less for the arm tattoo because it looks like it is probably something stupid, but hey, whatever. We're not really looking at that, are we?

My, my, my. MY GOD. You could really rest your drink on the top of her ass and it would stand up and not fall over. I always love an ass that looks like this, especially because it's so round and perky. Plus, she looks like she has the kind of figure I love on a woman. 

This picture had to have been taken on either South Beach, or in South America somewhere. Because I have not seen a chick in that kind of shape wear that on a bike ride in LA, or here in SD. I would certainly LOVE to see it out here, but the chicks out here that ride bikes are all hipster and shit.

This picture in general is cool. I mean, just the way that the artist photoshopped the dress into a splatter...that shit must have taken some time. But of course, that was the second thing I noticed. 

Again, my favorite shape of ass, on what looks to be my favorite body type. Mmmmm.

 Kinda looks like what I expect the girl on the bike up there looks like sitting down from the back. This is a glorious picture. JUST FUCKING GLORIOUS.

I wish I were the dude (or chick?) taking this picture. I wish I woke up and that was lying there. I mean, I love manz, and I do love waking up next to him in the morning, but you know, this would be awesome, too.


  1. I would like all of these, at once please. And I'll take them here or to go.

  2. I admire each of these ladies. And I admire your excellent taste in women.

  3. I feel I have excellent taste in women, thank you. Heh.