Sunday, January 30, 2011


Homina, homina, homina. Ya'll know that I'm not partial to blondes, and that I'm an "ass man", however, WHO SAYS NO TO THIS?! RAWR!

Also, seriously Ryan Reynolds? Going from this to Sandra Bullock? This proves you're even more of an idiotic asshole than I thought you were.


  1. Wait! What? Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock??! How did I miss THAT? I mean, I knew him and Scarlett split...but...damn. Not trying to take shots at Sandra Bullock, cuz she seems like good people and all, but aren't you supposed to upgrade?

  2. I know, I'm not being a hater on Sandra, but seriously, I figured he'd try to upgrade or sidegrade or something. Sandra is definitely a downgrade imo.