Monday, January 10, 2011

Conversations With...

So tonight manz was on checking stuff out, to see what the woot of the day is. As a side note, I should add that this was inspired by my indignation that we know a few people that have better TVs than us. I mean, when someone who isn't tech savvy has a better TV than nerds like us, COME ON!! [/Gob Bluth] So I told manz we had to rectify this matter immediately. I should add that I realize that I'm extremely spoiled these days in terms of material things. I mean, I got a new car around Thanksgiving. Then an iPad right before Christmas. Then the Kinect on Christmas. I mean, seriously. And now I want at least a 50" LCD TV. What is WRONG with me? I keep hearing my mom in my head telling me about Ethiopian kids going hungry.

But I digress. So he ended up on, and he's silent for a moment, then he turns to me and this is how the conversation went:

Manz: Really? Some of the shit people think up as costumes is ridiculous.
Me: Like what?
Manz: Sexy airline captain? SEXY LADY PILOT? I mean...COME ON!
Me: Dude, you wouldn't believe the shit people come up with in terms of sexy costumes. It's ridiculous.
Manz: Okay, I can see some of them, you know, like sexy stewardess, or sexy cop, sexy teacher, whatever. But sexy pilot?
Me: Yeah, man. You don't even KNOW about all the sexy costumes they have out there. The sexy lady pilot is nothing.
Manz: *starts looking for costume websites* OH GOD. So, apparently you're a sexy mechanic if you have a red fishnet bra on and checkers on your thong. And ooh, I don't know how I could contain myself with a SEXY BULL RIDER!
Me: I think the idea is you're supposed to, you know, be the bull.
Manz: Fine. What about sexy cab driver?
Me: No comment.
Manz: Am I supposed to be the taxi??

As of writing this right now, he's still looking at costumes. He just groaned in disgust at a sexy lion tamer costume. *shakes head*


  1. My girlfriend considered being sexy chinese take-out for Halloween last year.

  2. *actual customer testimonial*
    "before Dioracat i'd never heard of thank you Dioracat!"

    that sexy chinese take-out genius. i hope whoever came up with that is rich now. but probably not.

  3. Aw mannn, woot is the shit. They've got the woot of the day and then they have woot-offs that are pretty cool, too. And then they have individual woots of the day. One of my favorite girl gamer shirts I got from the shirt woot one day.