Friday, November 19, 2010


...But then it got better.

Long story short, I finally had a huge fuck up at work. Pretty huge. Nobody got hurt, nobody lost their job, but I did fuck up and cause a lot of people a lot of heartache. Admittedly, it was an honest mistake, and made out of ignorance, but the finger of blame can be squarely pointed at me.

Now when I was confronted by one of the people who was directly affected by my fuck up, I was COMPLETELY overwhelmed. I started crying hysterically, you know, the kind where you can't even breathe or talk? That was me. And let me tell you, that is some feat. I never EVER cry. It's a very rare thing, and when it happens, it's usually because I'm so pissed off and have so much rage pent up inside me and I can't kill anyone, so I have a visceral reaction and I cry. This time was different. This was some serious gut wrenching bawling.

I spoke to my boss who was really great about everything. I had told her about it yesterday but when it came to actually facing the people impacted? Damn. Shit was hard. She helped me out by doing her best to do some damage control and smooth things over. Manz came home early because when I called him and he heard me bawling, he asked to leave immediately because he knows I never cry like that. He asked me what I felt like doing tonight because I felt so fucked up, and I told him that I wanted to test drive the car I had been looking at.

(Sidenote: My previous car was a lease, and manz had a Nissan Maxima he brought with him from Ohio, so when my lease was up, he got a Prius 'cause he drives to Irvine a lot and I started driving the Maxima. I hate that car. It's too big and it's ugly, and it's just NOT SPORTY.)

I had planned that after Christmas I would have enough of a down payment for my new car, but I was feeling down so I figured I'd go check it out and see how it drove. The car in question is a Honda CR-X. It's been called the first sport hybrid, which is awesome for me because I love sports cars BUT I drive hundreds of miles a week.

That's what it looks like. So we went to the Honda dealer nearby and I marched right up to the first sales guy I saw and demanded to drive it. The manual transmission version, of course. So after waiting a bit, he pulled up, I hopped in, and took it for a spin. The car responded WAY better than I had thought it would. I expected a bit more response like the Prius engine, (sluggish during acceleration and not much power), but this shit was so responsive, it had surprising torque and seemed like it had a fair bit of horsepower.

I came back super excited about it but of course we had decided we'd be getting the car in a couple months, so I wasn't thinking about anything about the way it had driven and how much I liked it and how pleased I was with my choice. 

3 hours later I was told that my credit was good, manz credit was awesome, and given an offer I couldn't refuse...and I accepted.

Is this the ultimate kind of retail therapy or what?


  1. sorry for the bad day.
    congrats on the new ride!
    i've always driven a Honda, except for 3 months in 2001 when i had a Nissan Sentra. hated that no-power-having-car.

  2. Thanks guys!

    iamnotstrange: The Maxima WAS a V6 so it had some decent power, but I've been a Honda hater for some time...after the big car scene in LA erupted and every dumbass decided to spend 10k on a Civic, then 20k to fix it up. How about just spending 30k and buying an Evo or a WRX? Jesus.