Thursday, November 11, 2010


I don't know why but I think that commercial is hilarious. HILARIOUS.

Anyhow, there's been so much going on in the NFL that I've been thinking about or musing on, which I wanted to share. As you all know I'm kind of a football noob. Although, I've been told that I know more about football than almost any girl (which isn't saying much) and also more than a lot of guys, I still consider myself a noob. I think it's 'cause I'm comparing my knowledge with manz' knowledge of football. There is so much football lore and knowledge stored in his brain it's just crazy. But I digress.

It's pretty awesome. I've been listening to a lot of it these days, and I kind of go back and forth from NPR to the local Fox Sports radio. I know, I's FOX and I would never support them otherwise, but I like their radio station better than ESPN radio. A lot of people say that sports talk radio is just all about dudes yelling, but I think that shit is funny, personally. A few thoughts about hosts though - as much as I support my minority people, I cannot get behind Steven A. Smith on his show. I have listened to him on other venues and liked him, but I intensely dislike him when he's on his own show for some reason. He's just...too much. I can't explain it. Also, I really, really, REALLY hate Jim Rome. A lot. I don't know why people seem to like him so much, but he's basically an arrogant fuckhead who thinks he's the shit for some reason. I hate how he just replays sound bites a million times and focuses on one story or on one bit for an hour or more. Who likes that shit? Seriously? Sometimes I think it'd be cool to do sports talk radio myself, but then I consider the fact that I don't like any other sport very much other than football right now, so I guess that'd be a bit difficult.

Don't worry, I'm not going on some lengthy breakdown of each team, just talking about stuff from teams where I have an interest. Plus I don't know enough about each time in the league in any case.

Buffalo Bills: Poor guys. I think they must be the best worst team in football, but manz disagrees. I think he thinks they just suck.
New England Patriots: I half watched their last game against the Browns for obvious reasons, and I have to say the look on Tom Brady's face for most of the game was awesome. I LMAO'ed a lot every time I looked over to manz's computer screen. I do like the fact that when he was interviewed after the game he said that they were beat fair and square and that the Browns were the better team. People don't usually say that.
New York Jets: Why is Darrelle Revis such an ass? I mean, I know he's good, really good, but come on. COME ON! (/Gob) Also, is it lame that after listening to an interview of his I thought it was cute that Rex Ryan and his brother are so tight?

Baltimore Ravens: I'm only mentioning this because I know E-Rich and Millionaire Malcolm are B-more fans. But...OT with Buffalo? REALLY?
Cincinnati Bengals: Am I the only one who's been gleefully waiting the impending implosion of the Bengals due to Ochocinco and T.O.?
Cleveland Browns: I know you guys probably haven't watched their games, but you should check out the highlights. Their trick plays that they've been pulling for the last few games have been a sight that any fan of the game should watch. It's been really awesome. I hope Colt McCoy pans out for them.

Houston Texans: The thing I hate about fantasy football is that you have so many conflicting feelings about things. I mean, Arian Foster is on our fantasy team, and so when he dropped that TD I was like OMG HO NOES but at the same time I was like FUCK YEAH DUMMY! Also, I had no idea they were actually such a good team.
Tennessee Titans: I wonder how Randy Moss is going to fit in with them. People say it will be good for Chris Johnson, but I wonder.

Kansas City Chiefs: Dude, Ever, you have GOT to be deliriously happy right now. I mean, who the fuck knew that your team was going to blow up this season? I mean...that shit is crazy. I bet you didn't even know this shit would happen.
Oakland Raiders: Seven years. SEVEN YEARS since my Chargers have lost to them. That game made me feel ill. The ironic thing about the Raiders from a personal standpoint is: there's a woman I have to work with that hates my guts and is a total bitch. She hates me because I replaced her previous rep who she was BFFs with, although it wasn't my choice and she knows it, but she still hates me. I've been dealing with her ass for 6 months, and last week I found out that she is a Raiders fan. A BLACK HOLE Raiders fan. Figures.
San Diego Chargers: (/facepalm) I can't even begin to go into the many things I've said and thought about my team the last few weeks. But to sum up: fire the Special Teams coach already! Philip Rivers can't do it all by himself, guys! Antonio Gates is the man. I'm excited about Ryan Mathews. WTF Mike Tolbert?

I just realized that this is going to be a long ass post so I'm gonna need to break it up into two.


  1. I'm highly upset that the Browns beat the Pats so easily but we lost in overtime.

    Speaking overtime, as a Ravens fan, I'm their biggest critic and I'm really pissed we went to OT with the fucking Bills. Greg Mattison also needs to be fired for last night. EVERYONE KNOWS YOU DON'T BLITZ OVER AND OVER IN THE FOURTH QUARTER WHEN YOU HAVE THE LEAD. When I play Madden, I do nothing but Dime and Quarter formations in last 3 minutes of the game if I have the lead. I only use maybe one guy to blitz, but I NEVER LEAVE MY SECONDARY BY THEIRSELF LIKE THAT. I'M A BETTER DEFENSIVE COORDINATOR THAN HIM. AND THE REFS WERE FUCKING CHEATING, I DON'T CARE WHAT NO ONE SAYS.

    I'm done.

    I actually think that Chad Johnson and Terrell Owen's egos formed a sort of black hole for the Bengals talent.

  2. Great post. T.O. is on my fantasy team, and I can't complain. But I read somewhere that Ochocinco is getting butt hurt because he's not putting up the stats he thinks he should be. He went on to complain about getting double teamed all the time (no homo).

  3. @E-Rich: You know what's hilarious? I do the same thing about Madden. A while back I was watching a game and seeing my D be super weak. I got so mad that I was like "WTF WITH THE PASS RUSH SACK THAT MOTHERFUCKER!" Manz was all like, "Uh, you realize that shit is not as easy IRL like it is in Madden, right?"

    @Pago: Thanks, sir! Yeah T.O. has been doing well, and yes, Ochocinco is getting hurt that he's not getting the ball. But honestly, his stats even in good years have always been up and down, so he can suck it.

  4. Did you deliver or what?! I know this guy who thinks girls can't/shouldn't write about sports. I'm gonna shut him the hell up when I show him this.

    Anyway, the Jets are my "other" team. Yes, Revis is an ass. But for me, Rex Ryan's awesomeness overshadows Revis' douche-ness. I LOVE that the Browns beat the Patriots. And the Raiders being over .500 has me totally confused. I know you hate what's going on with the Chargers, but they do this every year: 8 eight games into the season they say, "Well...guess we better start making a run for the playoffs."

  5. Heh, thanks. Manz is so happy I decided to get into football. I asked him if he enjoys our conversations and I think he does for the most part. Sometimes I do ask him questions that make him facepalm because I don't know enough about the game. Like I asked him why Norv didn't cycle through WRs sooner since Buster Davis kept being a bust and he tried to explain it to me. I still don't get it.

    Manz also thinks Rex is a helluva coach, and he appreciates him a lot mostly 'cause he's Rob's brother.

    I hate Norv, by the way. He needs to get the boot but plenty of people think his job is safe. Get Norv out and bring Gruden in! (I know, it'd never work, but a girl can dream.)