Friday, November 5, 2010

Natural Booty

...And today's theme is pictures of ass that I found visually striking in some way. I know I've been lame and not doing one of these for a while, but now that election season is over, I'll have more time to peruse the internets and be pervy and then share said pervy-ness with the three of you that read this blog consistently. 

As a fan of Apple products, as well as a supporter of Steve Jobs' eccentricities (read: a-holeness) this picture is AWESOME.

Up until this photo I have only seen very few full blooded Asian girls that had some serious junk in the trunk, and one of them is/was yours truly. Even in my time in the business, most of the "thick" Asian girls were mixed, or else they had meat on their bones but a flat ass. One of the main reasons I'm never really attracted to full blooded Asian girls is because they don't have much ass, but LORDY this girl is right up my alley.

I do so love old school fashion like this. I also love it that back in the day healthier women were more appreciated. I can DEFINITELY appreciate this PHAWG.

Guys, at some point in your life, you need to hook up with a dancer. I've *cough* heard *cough* that it's pretty much the shit. Plus, dancers have amazing bodies.

When I first saw this photo these were my reactions in chronological order:

First reaction: ???
3 seconds later: Oh...
1 second later: !!!
1 second later: Mmm, honey.


  1. Yeah it does. And she looks like she has nice breasts, too.

  2. I never like to assume about people's computing preferences, but i'm not surprised you're an Apple girl. i just got that vibe. maybe because i'm an Apple nerd myself. so Apple plus ass - works for me! i actually have several pictures of sexy ladies posing with Apple products that i use as my screensaver.

    Asian lady in pic #2 - HELL-O!

    I like those old school shots, too. That's definitely a PAWG! It's funny to look at pictures from that time and see how it was acceptable in the modeling world for white women to have curves. Marilyn Monroe, anyone?

    Never been with a dancer, but i will absolutely take your word for it. That picture would seem to confirm it.

    And finally, i concur: Mmm, honey.

  3. @iamnotstrange: Yeah, I'm a bit of an Apple fangirl/apologist. I hate having to defend myself. But manz is an IT guy, and he's a we basically have these arguments all the time. All we can agree on is that Linux is cool. Also, I love people with similar tastes in women. I hate it when I don't like a skinny girl and people just say, "You're just being a hater." GTFOHWTBS!

  4. These posts always make my day so much easier.

  5. who is that Asian girl? really though I would love to know