Thursday, November 11, 2010


Oh, one other thing I wanted to mention was that I love the parity in the league this year. So many surprises and things you never would have expected happening. It's something that makes the game a lot more enjoyable to watch.

But moving onto the rest of the teams and my opinions:


Dallas Cowboys: AHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHA! Cowboys fans are always such arrogant assholes for some reason. I almost always hate someone who turns out to be a Cowboys fan for some reason. They're different from Raiders fans because Raiders fans are just crazy period. So I kind of have this pretty mean spirited joy at their complete collapse.
New York Giants: I'm sorry iamnotstrange, but I really just think Eli Manning is just...a little slow. I mean, seriously. I know they're your team, but I can admit that Philip Rivers looks like a douche. On top of that the shit Eli pulled with my team was ridiculous. Still, Ahmad Bradshaw's on our fantasy team, so I'm glad they're doing well.
Philadelphia Eagles: GOOOO MIKE VICK! He's our starting QB so this motherfucker better learn to slide next time the shit hits the fan.
Washington Redskins: I feel really, really, bad for Donovan McNabb. I mean, I think he's just gotten a raw deal wherever he goes and it's really fucked up. I think he's a very good QB but it's sad that he has such bad luck.

Detroit Lions: People have talked mad shit about the Lions for years, but I think they're finally getting somewhere. However because of fantasy football I hope that Calvin Johnson puts up some numbers this year.
Green Bay Packers: I just recently read an interview with him in ESPN magazine and I was pleasantly surprised at how cool Aaron Rodgers is. What I was not amused about were his extremely dubious choices in types of facial hair that he's made throughout the years. (That didn't come up in the interview, but manz showed me pictures and I admit, I was a little horrified.) Despite his poor taste in beards and mustaches, I'm glad he did so well against Brett Favre. Speaking of which...
Minnesota Vikings: AHAHAHAHA! Brett Favre is a bitch, and he should have known better than to come back this year. Now he's all fucked up and has no one to blame but himself. Fuck that guy.

New Orleans Saints: Perfect example of parity this year. Last year's Super Bowl champs, and this year they are not looking so good.

St. Louis Rams: Another example of parity this year. Who knew they'd be 4-4 by this time? They're looking pretty good and the combination of Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson was interesting to watch.
Seattle Seahawks: My Samoan cousin Pago has to be pretty happy at the way his 'Hawks are doing this year, I mean...they've got a better win/loss ratio than my Chargers do.

Ha. After I wrote most of this post, I came across this story:

Mike Vick - No Sliding

If he doesn't learn to slide and gets nailed, you'll hear my screams of anguish all the way out to wherever you are.


  1. I think the Dallas Cowboys losing all the time is hilarious. Tony Romo goes to the playoffs and fucks up every year, so it's nice they won't actually be there this time.

    "Minnesota Vikings: AHAHAHAHA! Brett Favre is a bitch, and he should have known better than to come back this year. Now he's all fucked up and has no one to blame but himself. Fuck that guy."

    That sounds so much like something I would say that I read it in my voice.

    I honestly couldn't be an Eagles fan again until they actually started Mike Vick. Him and Desean Jackson are go together like Jake & Finn.

  2. The 'Hawks got blown two games in a row. I am not pleased. We're just lucky to play in the weakest division in the NFL, and we've been getting by on luck pretty much this whole season.

    MIKE VICK BABY!! I'm so glad he's backed, he performed well on my fantasy team. Him and T.O. helped pull out my win by .02 points. So close.

  3. @E-Rich: Manz and I were talking last night about the Cowboys, and he's all, "Guess the playoffs are gonna be all No Romo this year. Get it? GET IT?" Glad to hear that you are on the anti-Favre bandwagon right now as well. I keep getting shit for that. And yes, Mike Vick + DeSean Jackson = win.

    @Pago: Aw, but despite the losses, you can't have expected you guys to be where you are now, right? And yeah, you know I'm happy Vick is back, he and Arian Foster and Ahmad Bradshaw got us the win last week.

  4. Aaahh...the Giants. I have to keep a level head about being 6-2 cuz it could all fall apart. But as of now, I'm happy with how things are looking. Maybe Eli did you dirty, but it's a dirty business, sports. Maybe one day things can be hashed out in a Super Bowl...which the Giants will win of course.

    As a NYer I can't possibly cheer for the Eagles, but the wife and I are SO loving that Vick is back and doing well. He's the reason we watch Eagles games. When Kolb was playing....eennhhh. But the most entertainment thing -- by far -- this season is the Cowboys. I really think they need to give up that "America's Team" bullshit. And I completely agree about McNabb. Dude is the Rodney Dangerfield of football. I think it sucks how he's always getting shitted on. I'm always rooting for him.