Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gran Turismo 5: Copped. Initial Thoughts. (Edited to add photo)

Let me start this post by saying that I have been a fan of this series since it's inception, and I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this title for the last 5 years or so. I love cars, I love most types of racing, so I've been really excited to see what all the new release would bring to the table. I should also mention that manz has been "meh" on the release of GT5 because according to him, he's never really played a racing game that he liked. I told him he needed to wait and see. Especially since we've been together we've watched Initial D and I've shared my collection of Options dvds with him. So, y'know, after that little bit of car/racing education, he can now appreciate the awesomeness much better than before.

I should also mention I did NOT pick up the "Prologue" because fuck that. I wanted the whole game, not just some teaser to make me want the game more and be more pissed that it hasn't come out yet.

So we got the game last Wednesday afternoon, came home, popped it into the PS3 and started it up. I had manz start the game because I wanted him to like the game and enjoy playing it. Well, Mr. "I don't really like racing games" has been playing it for several hours every day ever since. I mean, I went to bed one night and he was still playing for like 2 more hours. He loves it and thinks it's awesome. 

My opinion on the game? For fans of the series, this title won't disappoint, I assure you. For fans of the genre, you must cop this game NAO. There are just SO many cars, and the new release has such amazing graphics. For a lot of the race tracks that I recognize from watching video, the attention to detail is amazing. They got everything right. The cars themselves are also amazing, and as usual, there are a ton of foreign cars that I have never even heard of. (Sidenote: It pisses me off when I'm doing a rally race in my Evo 6 Tommy Makinen edition and I get my ass beat by some fuckhead in a Lancia. I mean, COME ON.) But still, they did a really amazing job with the game overall and I'm really glad I own it. Probably one of the best things about this game though is the fact that they did a good job of representing all cars, domestic and foreign, and all types of racing. I suggest buying this one, especially if you've got similar inclinations towards video games and cars like myself. 

There aren't that many cons. I would say that I wish there were more rally tracks in the actual game as opposed to being special events, but that's just my own personal preference. Plus we're only at level 17 so who knows what else might be coming that I haven't seen. I also think that if you don't know a whole lot about how a car runs, some of the finer points of this game might be lost on you. Of course, you could always have Google at your disposal, and you'd learn a lot of shit, so it's kind of a moot point, but it's up to you if you want to struggle with figuring out how to make your car faster or if you don't mind looking shit up. 

I think I'm gonna have to spend some time practicing on those rally tracks, though. I just barely got the hang of snow racing and I came in last on my first try at the tracks. That's a blow to my pride, you know. Oh, one last thing. The most hilarious thing about this game is that you will do the gamer lean while playing, and also if you're watching someone else play. You should see us in the living room when our roommate is racing, with manz and I leaning right and left like that's going to influence the race at all. *shakes head*

Edit: I never have put photos of myself on this blog, and if I ever thought about doing so, I always figured it would be a photo that I felt I looked actually GOOD in, however - manz took this photo of me (no makeup, I had barely brushed my hair, but hey, you can kinda see the blue in my bangs) the day we bought the game, and I think it conveys how I feel.

Yikes. I look pretty terrible. Be kind.


  1. OK, you wrote the review before i got to pick up the game, so i went ahead and read it anyway. i actually felt the same way you did about GT Prologue, but i still bought it cuz i didn't trust the release dates they kept throwing around for the full version and i wanted something to go with my new Logitech wheel. but now it's on to the next one...soon as i leave this comment.

    and are you joking? that pic looks just fine. that's how i'm gonna be smiling when i get back from the store with the game! except i don't have blue hair.

  2. Curse you and your Logitech wheel! *shakes fist* We're getting the wheel that the designer created for the game. Well, at some point we will. Spending another $75 on ourselves around Xmas is a hard sell to a guilty conscience.

    So, what do you think of the game?