Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fuck Yeah, Purple. (Blue Inc!)

So my hair has been purple for about 5 months now. And no, I didn't roll with the last cell in this comic, I just saved the leftover for my next dye job. Also, my whole head isn't purple, it's just got purple streaks all over. I'm going blue on Friday. A darker blue. Do you know why I decided to go with a darker blue? Because when I was considering what color to do next, and I was standing in the beauty supply store, one of the girls who worked there said this:

Her: "Oh, you want to go with blue next? You should do a darker blue, that would go really well with your dark hair. You know what you'd look like? You'd look like...a superhero! Like a cool comic book character or something!"


And no, I wasn't wearing one of my MANY nerd shirts, it was the middle of the day and I was wearing my business clothes. So how the fuck did she know she had to say that to get a sale? It can't be because I'm Asian. Asian chicks aren't known for liking comics, exactly.

I was so ashamed after this in a weird way that I had to get some dude cred as well and tell people that I also am representing the Chargers.


(Speaking of which, I do have quite a bit to say about my latest ideas on the NFL and sports in general. That's what's up for tomorrow.)


  1. lmao. for some reason i'm picturing Hit-Girl from Kick Ass.
    now you need a superhero name.

    can't wait to see your thoughts on the NFL.

  2. Charger Girl? I mean, I'm just throwing out ideas.

  3. I dunno about Charger Girl. That would imply that I looked like one of these girls:

    Which sadly, I don't.

    I need something more bad ass.