Sunday, November 7, 2010

Courage Wolf Says:

Yeah. I've been whining and bitching about how much I hate Facebook, and so I'm sitting there at my desk last night, staring at Facebook all up on my computer screen, and thinking, "God, I hate this. SO MUCH." So I finally decided to just listen to Courage Wolf, and man up. So like I dropped Twitter over a year ago now, I'm dropping Facebook.

There are two reasons for me doing so. One, because I'm sorry, but most of my friends seem to do one or more of the things that The Oatmeal has listed on his "How to Suck at Facebook" comic. The second is because before I got back into Facebook about a year ago, right after I stopped using Twitter, I was posting very regularly here. After a little while I started posting stuff I would ordinarily post here on Facebook, and that was the beginning of the end. On top of that I was so scared of any of my in-laws finding this blog that I began to censor myself so much that it just didn't seem worth it sometimes.

So now I come back to the beginning. I'm going to bring this blog back to where I wanted it to be, basically a place where I could talk about anything and say anything and not have to wonder who was going to read it and possibly judge me negatively for it. (Besides, I'm married now so my inlaws are stuck with me. HA ha! /Nelson)

For those of you that have liked what you've read so far, there's more to come. I'll most likely be posting a lot more regularly, sometimes maybe more than once a day. I'm going to be more open as to who and what I am since this is the very place to do it. This blog was supposed to be my stream of consciousness, a view of the M.C. Escher drawing (nerd alert!) that is known as my mental processes. So that's what you're gonna get. As Pago once said, his impression of this blog was that I must pound a case of Red Bull for breakfast. He said it was intense in a good way. Manz (aka my husband) says I'm just passionate. *shrugs*


  1. Ahh, you're certainly missed on Twitter (when I use it.. I kind of abandoned it for Tumblr).. But I'm finding myself coming full circle as well, launching a brand new blog. So I understand this totally.

  2. OMG Sportaphile! I have missed you too, sir. What's your tumblr? And your email? What's your new blog?? SO MANY QUESTIONS!

    Hit me up, man: ohthatvixen at gmail dot com.

  3. I was reading this blog for a little while before i actually started leaving comments, but from day one i've been a fan and this is easily one of my top 3 sites...when it's UPDATED (lol). Seriously though, i get it all here: funnies, food for thought, awesome eye candy, nerd-ness. I even go back thru the when i found your Top 5 Porn Stars. Now that was time well spent.

  4. So that's what happened to you on FB. I went on a social network blackout as well.

    Cheers. *raises glass of kool-aid*

  5. @iamnotstrange: Y'know, I always kind of think that only like 3 people read this blog. But then I'm surprised when people tell me that they've read it. It's like "no way, what?" I just can't believe that people like to read my random ass shit. But I suppose that you yourself like it for that very reason, because it's random. I admit I have some good posts in my archives, lots of rants that I still find entertaining, and well of course, the eye candy.

    @Pago: Yeah cuz, FUCK YO FACEBOOK! Cheers to you as well, now that my schedule's calmed down I can finally chat with my Samoan cousin more.