Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gran Turismo 5: Copped. Initial Thoughts. (Edited to add photo)

Let me start this post by saying that I have been a fan of this series since it's inception, and I have been eagerly awaiting the release of this title for the last 5 years or so. I love cars, I love most types of racing, so I've been really excited to see what all the new release would bring to the table. I should also mention that manz has been "meh" on the release of GT5 because according to him, he's never really played a racing game that he liked. I told him he needed to wait and see. Especially since we've been together we've watched Initial D and I've shared my collection of Options dvds with him. So, y'know, after that little bit of car/racing education, he can now appreciate the awesomeness much better than before.

I should also mention I did NOT pick up the "Prologue" because fuck that. I wanted the whole game, not just some teaser to make me want the game more and be more pissed that it hasn't come out yet.

So we got the game last Wednesday afternoon, came home, popped it into the PS3 and started it up. I had manz start the game because I wanted him to like the game and enjoy playing it. Well, Mr. "I don't really like racing games" has been playing it for several hours every day ever since. I mean, I went to bed one night and he was still playing for like 2 more hours. He loves it and thinks it's awesome. 

My opinion on the game? For fans of the series, this title won't disappoint, I assure you. For fans of the genre, you must cop this game NAO. There are just SO many cars, and the new release has such amazing graphics. For a lot of the race tracks that I recognize from watching video, the attention to detail is amazing. They got everything right. The cars themselves are also amazing, and as usual, there are a ton of foreign cars that I have never even heard of. (Sidenote: It pisses me off when I'm doing a rally race in my Evo 6 Tommy Makinen edition and I get my ass beat by some fuckhead in a Lancia. I mean, COME ON.) But still, they did a really amazing job with the game overall and I'm really glad I own it. Probably one of the best things about this game though is the fact that they did a good job of representing all cars, domestic and foreign, and all types of racing. I suggest buying this one, especially if you've got similar inclinations towards video games and cars like myself. 

There aren't that many cons. I would say that I wish there were more rally tracks in the actual game as opposed to being special events, but that's just my own personal preference. Plus we're only at level 17 so who knows what else might be coming that I haven't seen. I also think that if you don't know a whole lot about how a car runs, some of the finer points of this game might be lost on you. Of course, you could always have Google at your disposal, and you'd learn a lot of shit, so it's kind of a moot point, but it's up to you if you want to struggle with figuring out how to make your car faster or if you don't mind looking shit up. 

I think I'm gonna have to spend some time practicing on those rally tracks, though. I just barely got the hang of snow racing and I came in last on my first try at the tracks. That's a blow to my pride, you know. Oh, one last thing. The most hilarious thing about this game is that you will do the gamer lean while playing, and also if you're watching someone else play. You should see us in the living room when our roommate is racing, with manz and I leaning right and left like that's going to influence the race at all. *shakes head*

Edit: I never have put photos of myself on this blog, and if I ever thought about doing so, I always figured it would be a photo that I felt I looked actually GOOD in, however - manz took this photo of me (no makeup, I had barely brushed my hair, but hey, you can kinda see the blue in my bangs) the day we bought the game, and I think it conveys how I feel.

Yikes. I look pretty terrible. Be kind.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day! (And other random shit.)

Today I suppose we're supposed to think about all the things that we're thankful for. I used to think I didn't have a whole lot to be thankful for, considering the shitty start my life had and all. But as I get older I realize that the traditional things people are thankful for just need to be applied differently to me. And anyhow, since when have I ever been traditional?

I'm first and foremost thankful for my stubborn streak and almost insane desire to win, because that's what led me to being manz wifey. I can't say I'm thankful for HIM exactly, especially considering he really fought me in the very beginning, and I didn't just "receive" him and our relationship, I had to work at that shit, god damnit. (Sidenote: I haven't blogged for the last few days because we finally took some time off for a mini-honeymoon and there was no fuckin' internet where we were at.)

I'm next thankful for my sometimes ridiculous way of questioning myself and my decisions, because that's what led me to the friends I have today. I used to honestly disqualify almost all women from being friend material. Well, for obvious reasons. I was stuck in this belief that if I was going to be friends with a girl that she HAD to be a girl like me and like the same things I do. Unfortunately I met a couple of girls "like me" but that didn't work out so well. (Read: the girl who said she liked video games ended up liking only the lame ones girls like, and the girl who said she liked comics was a HUGE Marvel fangirl and hated Batman. HATED Batman. Can you BELIEVE that shit? Who hates Batman, for fuck's sake?) But anyway, I realized maybe this was stupid, and so now I'm glad for my friends because they've made life down here in SD infinitely more fun, and they've all helped me in a lot of different ways. I'm especially thankful for my friends today, especially Shellie, because she will be providing me and manz with the noms today.

I hope you all have some noms today, wherever you are.

Onto the random shit.

Random NFL thoughts: At Chilly being fired - AHAHAHAHAHA! At Vince Young being an emo kid and throwing a tantrum - Seriously? At Vince Young sending Jeff Fisher a text apologizing and Fisher not having it - AHAHAHAHAHA!

Random politricks thoughts: Soooo Sarah Palin has Kim Jong Il's back apparently.  Seriously? And people think this woman should be our President?

Last but not least:

Gran Turismo 5: Copped yesterday and we played for like 8 hours. This shit is awesome. Review to come later.

Friday, November 19, 2010


...But then it got better.

Long story short, I finally had a huge fuck up at work. Pretty huge. Nobody got hurt, nobody lost their job, but I did fuck up and cause a lot of people a lot of heartache. Admittedly, it was an honest mistake, and made out of ignorance, but the finger of blame can be squarely pointed at me.

Now when I was confronted by one of the people who was directly affected by my fuck up, I was COMPLETELY overwhelmed. I started crying hysterically, you know, the kind where you can't even breathe or talk? That was me. And let me tell you, that is some feat. I never EVER cry. It's a very rare thing, and when it happens, it's usually because I'm so pissed off and have so much rage pent up inside me and I can't kill anyone, so I have a visceral reaction and I cry. This time was different. This was some serious gut wrenching bawling.

I spoke to my boss who was really great about everything. I had told her about it yesterday but when it came to actually facing the people impacted? Damn. Shit was hard. She helped me out by doing her best to do some damage control and smooth things over. Manz came home early because when I called him and he heard me bawling, he asked to leave immediately because he knows I never cry like that. He asked me what I felt like doing tonight because I felt so fucked up, and I told him that I wanted to test drive the car I had been looking at.

(Sidenote: My previous car was a lease, and manz had a Nissan Maxima he brought with him from Ohio, so when my lease was up, he got a Prius 'cause he drives to Irvine a lot and I started driving the Maxima. I hate that car. It's too big and it's ugly, and it's just NOT SPORTY.)

I had planned that after Christmas I would have enough of a down payment for my new car, but I was feeling down so I figured I'd go check it out and see how it drove. The car in question is a Honda CR-X. It's been called the first sport hybrid, which is awesome for me because I love sports cars BUT I drive hundreds of miles a week.

That's what it looks like. So we went to the Honda dealer nearby and I marched right up to the first sales guy I saw and demanded to drive it. The manual transmission version, of course. So after waiting a bit, he pulled up, I hopped in, and took it for a spin. The car responded WAY better than I had thought it would. I expected a bit more response like the Prius engine, (sluggish during acceleration and not much power), but this shit was so responsive, it had surprising torque and seemed like it had a fair bit of horsepower.

I came back super excited about it but of course we had decided we'd be getting the car in a couple months, so I wasn't thinking about anything about the way it had driven and how much I liked it and how pleased I was with my choice. 

3 hours later I was told that my credit was good, manz credit was awesome, and given an offer I couldn't refuse...and I accepted.

Is this the ultimate kind of retail therapy or what?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fuck Ryan Reynolds.

Three reasons.

One, the new GL trailer is out today and either it was cut really bad to make it look like a shitty movie (see: Scott Pilgrim) and it's secretly an awesome movie (see: Scott Pilgrim review here at a later date), or it's really just going to be a horrible movie. If you want to be supremely disappointed, then go google it or something, I am not posting that bullshit here.

Two, I read an interview of his that he did several months ago, I don't remember where, but I remember one thing from it. He said that he definitely does NOT play video games of any kind, and that video games are really lame. His remarks following that implied something about the loser-ness of people who play video games. I could be exaggerating a little bit because I was super pissed about it, but I'm positive that he said he didn't play video games because they're lame.

Three, he comes home to THIS every day:

Yeah, fuck that guy.

For Teh Lulz

...Isn't that why we do anything?

Anyway, I thought I posted these a while back for some reason, but then I went looking through my archives and couldn't find a post with these in here they are. Just some shit that made me laugh my ass off for whatever reason. (Which I will explain.)

I dunno if you can tell, but the license plate on this Tesla roadster says "LOL OIL." I thought that was the most awesome shit ever. Because seriously, the person who owns this car has to be some nerd that got super rich doing some nerdy thing that lives in LA and can spend 100k on a car. Oh, and I guess they'd kinda have to be a hippy too, to have invested that much in an electric car. (Even if it is a sports car.)

C'mon, you can't tell me that isn't funny.

This is why I'm like secretly 13 years old. Because this shit made me LAUGH MY ASS OFF the first 12 times I looked at it. Even now I'm grinning because it's so hysterical to me. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Viva La Revolucion!

Although I totally don't regret moving to San Diego from LA, there are certain things I miss, being somewhat of an artfag and all. The arts scene is obviously a lot bigger there than in SD, so there are a lot of things I miss out on here.

However, I found out earlier this week that there was an art exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art that was featuring street art, with like 20 different artists, one of them being Banksy. As you all know, I'm a very indoorsy type of girl, but I had to go see this, so we went today.

This Invader piece was just outside the building. Some of the exhibit wasn't actually in the building but around San Diego, on certain walls in the city. I thought that was pretty cool.

This segment was really cool. Basically Invader decided to design an invader piece that would be seen from above by using the streets of San Diego. It ended up being eleven blocks wide and seven blocks tall. They showed a sped up video of him doing the walk (I think he had stuff on his shoes?) and then what it looked like in an aerial view.

The first piece of Shepard Fairey's that we saw, a portrait of Jean-Michel Basquiat. I personally am not a fan, but I can see why street artists pay homage to him.

The second Shepard Fairey piece of Keith Haring. I like his work a little better than Basquiat's, perhaps because of the more overt activist themes and social commentary? I don't know. It's a damn good portrait of him, though.

This piece was fucking cool. To make a sculpture out of all, just by chipping out plaster and paint? It's creative and it's very well done. 

This piece was done by David Ellis. It's crazy, I was in the first room with Shepard Fairey's stuff and I kept hearing different beats in the other room and couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Then I realized the beats were coming from this trash can. It's all made of trash and the noises are just percussion from objects hitting each other, but I still thought it was awesome.

Wow. Apparently when you don't work on the weekends you actually have time to go and do cool shit.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Conversations With...

Haven't done one of these in a while, but then most of my conversations lately have been more on the frustrating and intense side as opposed to funny. This one is more of a conversation about a conversation but it did make me LMAO.

Manz: Something funny happened at work today. (Sidenote: He works in IT at the Helpdesk doing higher level support.)
Me: Oh yeah?
Manz: Yeah, I was talking to these two chicks at work and one of them made a comment that was super homoerotic and she didn't realize it, and I said "pause" and they both looked at me. Then they asked me why I said that, so I told them it was like "no homo" and one of them says to me, "OMG seriously? Comic Con IT guy knows about that?" I was like "Yeah, and?"
Me: You didn't tell her how you knew?
Manz: What, that I know 'cause my wife is ghetto? Nah.

I don't know which is more funny. The story or his last comment.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Oh, one other thing I wanted to mention was that I love the parity in the league this year. So many surprises and things you never would have expected happening. It's something that makes the game a lot more enjoyable to watch.

But moving onto the rest of the teams and my opinions:


Dallas Cowboys: AHAHAHAHA! HAHAHAHAHA! Cowboys fans are always such arrogant assholes for some reason. I almost always hate someone who turns out to be a Cowboys fan for some reason. They're different from Raiders fans because Raiders fans are just crazy period. So I kind of have this pretty mean spirited joy at their complete collapse.
New York Giants: I'm sorry iamnotstrange, but I really just think Eli Manning is just...a little slow. I mean, seriously. I know they're your team, but I can admit that Philip Rivers looks like a douche. On top of that the shit Eli pulled with my team was ridiculous. Still, Ahmad Bradshaw's on our fantasy team, so I'm glad they're doing well.
Philadelphia Eagles: GOOOO MIKE VICK! He's our starting QB so this motherfucker better learn to slide next time the shit hits the fan.
Washington Redskins: I feel really, really, bad for Donovan McNabb. I mean, I think he's just gotten a raw deal wherever he goes and it's really fucked up. I think he's a very good QB but it's sad that he has such bad luck.

Detroit Lions: People have talked mad shit about the Lions for years, but I think they're finally getting somewhere. However because of fantasy football I hope that Calvin Johnson puts up some numbers this year.
Green Bay Packers: I just recently read an interview with him in ESPN magazine and I was pleasantly surprised at how cool Aaron Rodgers is. What I was not amused about were his extremely dubious choices in types of facial hair that he's made throughout the years. (That didn't come up in the interview, but manz showed me pictures and I admit, I was a little horrified.) Despite his poor taste in beards and mustaches, I'm glad he did so well against Brett Favre. Speaking of which...
Minnesota Vikings: AHAHAHAHA! Brett Favre is a bitch, and he should have known better than to come back this year. Now he's all fucked up and has no one to blame but himself. Fuck that guy.

New Orleans Saints: Perfect example of parity this year. Last year's Super Bowl champs, and this year they are not looking so good.

St. Louis Rams: Another example of parity this year. Who knew they'd be 4-4 by this time? They're looking pretty good and the combination of Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson was interesting to watch.
Seattle Seahawks: My Samoan cousin Pago has to be pretty happy at the way his 'Hawks are doing this year, I mean...they've got a better win/loss ratio than my Chargers do.

Ha. After I wrote most of this post, I came across this story:

Mike Vick - No Sliding

If he doesn't learn to slide and gets nailed, you'll hear my screams of anguish all the way out to wherever you are.


I don't know why but I think that commercial is hilarious. HILARIOUS.

Anyhow, there's been so much going on in the NFL that I've been thinking about or musing on, which I wanted to share. As you all know I'm kind of a football noob. Although, I've been told that I know more about football than almost any girl (which isn't saying much) and also more than a lot of guys, I still consider myself a noob. I think it's 'cause I'm comparing my knowledge with manz' knowledge of football. There is so much football lore and knowledge stored in his brain it's just crazy. But I digress.

It's pretty awesome. I've been listening to a lot of it these days, and I kind of go back and forth from NPR to the local Fox Sports radio. I know, I's FOX and I would never support them otherwise, but I like their radio station better than ESPN radio. A lot of people say that sports talk radio is just all about dudes yelling, but I think that shit is funny, personally. A few thoughts about hosts though - as much as I support my minority people, I cannot get behind Steven A. Smith on his show. I have listened to him on other venues and liked him, but I intensely dislike him when he's on his own show for some reason. He's just...too much. I can't explain it. Also, I really, really, REALLY hate Jim Rome. A lot. I don't know why people seem to like him so much, but he's basically an arrogant fuckhead who thinks he's the shit for some reason. I hate how he just replays sound bites a million times and focuses on one story or on one bit for an hour or more. Who likes that shit? Seriously? Sometimes I think it'd be cool to do sports talk radio myself, but then I consider the fact that I don't like any other sport very much other than football right now, so I guess that'd be a bit difficult.

Don't worry, I'm not going on some lengthy breakdown of each team, just talking about stuff from teams where I have an interest. Plus I don't know enough about each time in the league in any case.

Buffalo Bills: Poor guys. I think they must be the best worst team in football, but manz disagrees. I think he thinks they just suck.
New England Patriots: I half watched their last game against the Browns for obvious reasons, and I have to say the look on Tom Brady's face for most of the game was awesome. I LMAO'ed a lot every time I looked over to manz's computer screen. I do like the fact that when he was interviewed after the game he said that they were beat fair and square and that the Browns were the better team. People don't usually say that.
New York Jets: Why is Darrelle Revis such an ass? I mean, I know he's good, really good, but come on. COME ON! (/Gob) Also, is it lame that after listening to an interview of his I thought it was cute that Rex Ryan and his brother are so tight?

Baltimore Ravens: I'm only mentioning this because I know E-Rich and Millionaire Malcolm are B-more fans. But...OT with Buffalo? REALLY?
Cincinnati Bengals: Am I the only one who's been gleefully waiting the impending implosion of the Bengals due to Ochocinco and T.O.?
Cleveland Browns: I know you guys probably haven't watched their games, but you should check out the highlights. Their trick plays that they've been pulling for the last few games have been a sight that any fan of the game should watch. It's been really awesome. I hope Colt McCoy pans out for them.

Houston Texans: The thing I hate about fantasy football is that you have so many conflicting feelings about things. I mean, Arian Foster is on our fantasy team, and so when he dropped that TD I was like OMG HO NOES but at the same time I was like FUCK YEAH DUMMY! Also, I had no idea they were actually such a good team.
Tennessee Titans: I wonder how Randy Moss is going to fit in with them. People say it will be good for Chris Johnson, but I wonder.

Kansas City Chiefs: Dude, Ever, you have GOT to be deliriously happy right now. I mean, who the fuck knew that your team was going to blow up this season? I mean...that shit is crazy. I bet you didn't even know this shit would happen.
Oakland Raiders: Seven years. SEVEN YEARS since my Chargers have lost to them. That game made me feel ill. The ironic thing about the Raiders from a personal standpoint is: there's a woman I have to work with that hates my guts and is a total bitch. She hates me because I replaced her previous rep who she was BFFs with, although it wasn't my choice and she knows it, but she still hates me. I've been dealing with her ass for 6 months, and last week I found out that she is a Raiders fan. A BLACK HOLE Raiders fan. Figures.
San Diego Chargers: (/facepalm) I can't even begin to go into the many things I've said and thought about my team the last few weeks. But to sum up: fire the Special Teams coach already! Philip Rivers can't do it all by himself, guys! Antonio Gates is the man. I'm excited about Ryan Mathews. WTF Mike Tolbert?

I just realized that this is going to be a long ass post so I'm gonna need to break it up into two.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fuck Yeah, Purple. (Blue Inc!)

So my hair has been purple for about 5 months now. And no, I didn't roll with the last cell in this comic, I just saved the leftover for my next dye job. Also, my whole head isn't purple, it's just got purple streaks all over. I'm going blue on Friday. A darker blue. Do you know why I decided to go with a darker blue? Because when I was considering what color to do next, and I was standing in the beauty supply store, one of the girls who worked there said this:

Her: "Oh, you want to go with blue next? You should do a darker blue, that would go really well with your dark hair. You know what you'd look like? You'd look like...a superhero! Like a cool comic book character or something!"


And no, I wasn't wearing one of my MANY nerd shirts, it was the middle of the day and I was wearing my business clothes. So how the fuck did she know she had to say that to get a sale? It can't be because I'm Asian. Asian chicks aren't known for liking comics, exactly.

I was so ashamed after this in a weird way that I had to get some dude cred as well and tell people that I also am representing the Chargers.


(Speaking of which, I do have quite a bit to say about my latest ideas on the NFL and sports in general. That's what's up for tomorrow.)

Sunday, November 7, 2010


All those crazy retards who say that there's no such thing as global warming should spend some time in San Diego these days. Seriously? 100 degrees last week? Fuck that bullshit. IT'S NOVEMBER FOR FUCK'S SAKE! I want it to cool down already, 'cause yeah, I am ready for hoodies and cold nights, and also because I'm ready for the rest of fall/winter clothing. A girl like myself with a transitioning body shape (I'm losing weight right now, thankfully) does not feel comfortable having to wear less clothing rather than more, especially when I have to dress "businesslike" every day, and especially when things aren't fitting quite right.

Bitch bitch bitch. Grumble grumble grumble.  

Courage Wolf Says:

Yeah. I've been whining and bitching about how much I hate Facebook, and so I'm sitting there at my desk last night, staring at Facebook all up on my computer screen, and thinking, "God, I hate this. SO MUCH." So I finally decided to just listen to Courage Wolf, and man up. So like I dropped Twitter over a year ago now, I'm dropping Facebook.

There are two reasons for me doing so. One, because I'm sorry, but most of my friends seem to do one or more of the things that The Oatmeal has listed on his "How to Suck at Facebook" comic. The second is because before I got back into Facebook about a year ago, right after I stopped using Twitter, I was posting very regularly here. After a little while I started posting stuff I would ordinarily post here on Facebook, and that was the beginning of the end. On top of that I was so scared of any of my in-laws finding this blog that I began to censor myself so much that it just didn't seem worth it sometimes.

So now I come back to the beginning. I'm going to bring this blog back to where I wanted it to be, basically a place where I could talk about anything and say anything and not have to wonder who was going to read it and possibly judge me negatively for it. (Besides, I'm married now so my inlaws are stuck with me. HA ha! /Nelson)

For those of you that have liked what you've read so far, there's more to come. I'll most likely be posting a lot more regularly, sometimes maybe more than once a day. I'm going to be more open as to who and what I am since this is the very place to do it. This blog was supposed to be my stream of consciousness, a view of the M.C. Escher drawing (nerd alert!) that is known as my mental processes. So that's what you're gonna get. As Pago once said, his impression of this blog was that I must pound a case of Red Bull for breakfast. He said it was intense in a good way. Manz (aka my husband) says I'm just passionate. *shrugs*

Friday, November 5, 2010

Natural Booty

...And today's theme is pictures of ass that I found visually striking in some way. I know I've been lame and not doing one of these for a while, but now that election season is over, I'll have more time to peruse the internets and be pervy and then share said pervy-ness with the three of you that read this blog consistently. 

As a fan of Apple products, as well as a supporter of Steve Jobs' eccentricities (read: a-holeness) this picture is AWESOME.

Up until this photo I have only seen very few full blooded Asian girls that had some serious junk in the trunk, and one of them is/was yours truly. Even in my time in the business, most of the "thick" Asian girls were mixed, or else they had meat on their bones but a flat ass. One of the main reasons I'm never really attracted to full blooded Asian girls is because they don't have much ass, but LORDY this girl is right up my alley.

I do so love old school fashion like this. I also love it that back in the day healthier women were more appreciated. I can DEFINITELY appreciate this PHAWG.

Guys, at some point in your life, you need to hook up with a dancer. I've *cough* heard *cough* that it's pretty much the shit. Plus, dancers have amazing bodies.

When I first saw this photo these were my reactions in chronological order:

First reaction: ???
3 seconds later: Oh...
1 second later: !!!
1 second later: Mmm, honey.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Some Inspiration for Election Day

Just a few things I've found that really moved me/resonated for different reasons.