Sunday, October 31, 2010

Random Musings

I am so tired. So so so tired. Dear Buttons, please give me the strength to make it to Election Day. All the 50-60 hour weeks are really beginning to take a very serious toll on me. I'm not sure I have the strength.

There's a bunch of shit I've seen/heard lately that has amused me, although I wonder how funny it really is since these days I see everything through the lens of fatigue. For example:

The other day manz and I were talking to our roommate about movies (he's a hardcore movie nerd, his movie nerddom far outpaces any movie nerd I've ever known except for one.) and we were trying to figure out the answer to something and we ended up IMDB-ing Guy Ritchie. As it turns out he's working on something called Excalibur. I facepalmed and asked the sky if it could please please please not be a corny take on Arthurian legend because I think we've had just about enough of those, thank you very much. Manz and the roommate decided on who the casting should be:

Excalibur's cast:

Brad Pitt as Arthur
Jason Statham as Lancelot
Angelina Jolie as Guinivere
Vinnie Jones as Merlin
Gerard Butler as Lancelot's squire
Madonna as Morgana

This had me dying, just picturing the lineup. I know Guy Ritchie wouldn't be quite THAT ridiculous...would he?

This photo I found very disturbing for some reason:
 A friend had it on his FB page and the caption was: "My sister doesn't like teddy bears." I found out later that thankfully his sister is a teenager. It's still disturbing, though.

Now this next thing had me DYING. Just DYING. I saw it on Reddit, and the caption was just: "I bet you've raged about at least ONE of these things before." I think almost ALL of them have made me rage and want to break things, but there were a few that I never came across. I haven't played Spyro or Elder Scrolls or Prince of Persia. I do remember my first gamer rage moment when I was 10 )after we had FINALLY gotten NES after everyone on the block had had it forever before we did). I know you all know it and remember it yourselves: "Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!"



  1. LOL. That cast for Excalibur is definitely hilarious...except for Angelina Jolie. She can stay.

    Considering some of these Facebook suicides recently, I can see how a hanging teddy bear is disturbing. I laughed a little...but yes, disturbing.

    And the "Rage List" is just classic.

  2. But can you imagine motheruckin' VINNE JONES as Merlin? That shit had me dying.

  3. The Rage list is awesome.


    THAT'S THE CREEPER NOISE FROM MINECRAFT. Those things do not fuck around and I hate them.

  4. Ah ha! I actually was wondering where the SSSSSSS noice came from. It was driving me crazy.