Sunday, October 17, 2010


Hey, remember that time like practically a couple years ago when there were these redneck fucktards calling themselves members of the Tea Party that  actually decided to take Faux News a step further and bring a whole new meaning to neo-conservative? Remember how we laughed at those racist, close minded ignorant sons of motherless goats and said they'd get nowhere?

HA HA HA! Ha! Ha! Ha. 

You know, back when the Tea Party movement started, sure, I laughed. But my laughter was tinged with a hint of desperation, because although I have little to no faith in humanity, although I know firsthand what the middle of the country thinks like, I thought that SURELY such racist, ignorant, hateful ideology SURELY couldn't be that pervasive, could it? Could it? It could. And it is. And the Democrats becoming more desperate and scared and with their balls shrinking by the day, this movement is starting to really scare me. All my threats of needing to move in 2012 if Sarah Palin (or someone else of her ilk) actually became a legitimate contender for the Presidency or other high powered office are suddenly looming closer.

Jan Brewer in Arizona? Carly Fiorina in CALIFORNIA? Sharron Angle in Nevada? Christine O'Donnell in Delaware? This shit is scary, people. Please, please, PLEASE. If you're not registered to vote, please do so. If you are registered to vote, please for the love of sanity please go out and vote on November 2nd. Do some research on candidates in your area, the city councilmen, the county supervisors, because those people make a huge difference where we work and live, too. If you want something to change and are pissed about how things are in your area, then use your power and go vote. Your vote means SO much more in local elections than you might be aware of.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more. Ignorance and narrow-mindedness are running things these days. It's a bunch of Bill O'Reilly clones running for office...that's definitely a problem. I'll probably vote, but honestly I have a hard time getting motivated for that shit. We all "vote for change" in 2008, just to see the rise of the Tea Party? Can you say "discouraging"? I think I'd feel more empowered by sending this cartoon you posted to everybody I know...maybe put it on a t-shirt. But if I lived in Delaware, I'd probably vote for Christine O'Donnell; I feel better now that I know she's definitely not a witch and that she IS me.

  2. I didn't register in time...

  3. Sharron Angle scares the hell out of me. So do some of her supporters, for that matter.

  4. iamnotstrange: Honestly, I wonder if the Tea Party people rose in opposition to Obama being elected, you know? Like a bunch of crazy white people being pissed a half black man was elected president. I guess I could figure it out if I read up on them, but I really don't want to. I listened to a bunch of interviews of their "leaders" on NPR last week...for about 10 minutes. I had to stop when I heard a woman say she got enlightened by listening to Fox News. I think we should all vote for Christine O'Donnell though, especially now that we know she's so super aware of what the First Amendment means and all.

    Ever: I'll give you a pass since you're still in HS. You'd better register soon for next election.

    Stormy: Can you imagine your state being represented by that woman? I admit Harry Reid isn't the most inspiring person but, she is TERRIBLE.