Monday, October 11, 2010

Excuses, Excuses. And artfaggotry!

So as I've said before I've been pretty fucking swamped at work. It's been pretty consistent with around 60 hours a week, working 6 days a week. Painful as fuck because I don't think I've ever worked this much in my life. I will say though, that I STILL love my job, which I have never been able to say after working 6 months at a place - usually I know I hate it by the time 5 or 6 months rolls around. The one thing that sucks is that I haven't gone out to do much of anything because I work on the weekend. I don't go out Friday nights because I work Saturdays fairly early. Well, I did that once around my birthday and that shit was SUPER UGLY. (No Dr. Dre) And what's the point of going out on Saturdays because I worked that day and usually am tired as fuck by Saturday night.

This has really cramped my internet nerd lifestyle as well as my postings on this blog. I've barely played much of the new Madden, mostly because I've been watching SO MANY football games or as much as I can during my short times of respite in between my working hours. Stupid fantasy football! *shakes fist at creators of fantasy football*

The good news is that after elections are over next month I'll be able to take my life back again and restart the rewrite of my thesis. I've actually have a long TL;DR post on my netbook I need to transfer over to my laptop, it's one of my old school ones where I went on long semi-educated rants about shit that pissed me off on a more philosophical level. I think maybe only Pago and Dart Adams remember those.

Anyhow, enough of the excuses. I'm going to try to step up my game here on this blog, 'cause I've got tons of pron to share and a lot of shit I need to talk to get off my chest.

Here's something EVERYONE must check out if you know of the great Banksy. He did this intro for The Simpsons that is just fucking awesome. None of the cleaner versions had embedding, but if you want to see a cleaner one just check You Tube. (Oh, I also have some discussion to post about his movie as well...but I'll get to that later.)


  1. Welcome back! I just recently had my work hours reduced and it kicks ass!

  2. When I first read "work hours reduced" I was like "oh noes!" but then I realized that work must have been kicking your ass, too. So honestly I can't wait till November 3rd.

  3. I was working nearly 30 hours a week and I'm still a senior in high school.

  4. oh, the glorious return of my favorite blogger. you know that was WAY too long, right? good, as long as you know not to do that again....

    i've been wanting to ask you about how you're feeling about your Chargers. i mean, i know they start slow just about every season and don't really show up till week 8, but come on...they took an L against the Raiders...

    anyway, i just got a copy of that Banksy flick, so i'm about to go watch.

  5. Ever: Holy shit! That's a fuck ton of hours! That's where you disappeared to for a while, I take it.

    iamnotstrange: Aw, shucks, you flatter me. *scuffs toe on ground* But yeah, I realized it had been WAY too long. I actually am used to getting emails notifying me of comments left on the blog so I started wondering why no one was commenting till I realized I hadn't posted in like 2 weeks. Time flies, I guess.

    Buuuut so how 'bout them Chargers? *sigh* Yeah, we did take an L against the Raiders. That shit HURT like a motherfucker, especially since we had been wtfpwning them for like 7 years straight. But I'm hoping this will mean that we'll step up our game. I'm pissed at Norv and think he needs to stop denying that it's the coaches problem, because that just means it must be the players, right? He needs to take responsibility for the fact that his ST coach sucks balls and either fire his ass or tell him that unless he gets his shit together he's fired. Or something.