Sunday, September 5, 2010

NFL Madness & Mayhem

So I think I'm up to my ears in football right about now. Manz and I have a fantasy league going with a few friends of ours, and we're pretty sure we're gonna dominate some shit. Well, I'M pretty sure we're gonna dominate some shit. Manz has been the Commissioner for years for a very serious league of his back home, and he does his research. Plus he knows A LOT about football in general. Even though he's a SRS Browns fan, he still is up on most of the players in the league. Seeing as how that's the case, I'm pretty confident. We had our draft on Thursday, and here's who we ended up with:

Matt Ryan
Chris Johnson
Ryan Grant
Shonn Greene
Calvin Johnson
Greg Jennings
Antonio Gates
Jets D/ST

Jahvid Best
Chad Ochocinco
Wes Welker
Matt Stafford
Mike Wallace
Steelers D/ST
Greg Olsen

Also, since I finally finished up my season on my super team on Madden '10, (and kicked the shit out of the Packers, btw) we drafted my new team on Madden '11. As I said before, this team is a lot more realistic. We didn't try to go for the X-Men + The Avengers type team this time, but I think we chose a really solid team that we can grow with. Pago, you'll be happy to know we chose the Seahawks. I promised manz we'd chose a neutral team (neither the Chargers nor the Browns, nor any major rivals) so he decided on the Seahawks 'cause he knows you're a fan. Computerized Pete Carroll looks like a dude who wore a sweater around his neck in college. Seriously.

Without further ado:

Matthew Stafford
DeAngelo Williams
Ryan Mathews
Lawrence Vickers
Miles Austin
Percy Harvin
Josh Cribbs
Mohammed Massaquoi
Brandon Pettigrew
Jason Smith
Ben Hamilton
Alex Mack
Mike Williams
Shawn Andrews

Jared Allen
Jerry Hughes
Tyson Alualu
Amobi Okoye
Brian Orakpo
Rolando McClain
Clay Matthews
Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
Quentin Jammer
Malcolm Jenkins
Pacman Jones
Eric Berry
Laron Landry

Since I couldn't have Jared Allen AND Chris Johnson on the same team, I decided to just choose Jared Allen. I'm pretty good with him, and I still have very limited knowledge of defense, so I figured the best thing to do would be to choose some running backs I'm familiar with and can play, and have Jared Allen because he pretty much dominates, so I wouldn't have to worry about figuring out another position, or being frustrated at a lesser player at that position. I'm hoping we do well with this team 'cause we're playing on All Pro, but we just beat the shit out of the 49ers, so I think we'll be fine.

OH, for those of you who haven't gotten '11 yet, enjoy the RETARD STRONG face Eli Manning makes on one of the menus. God, he's an idiot.


  1. Eric Berry is the second coming of Christ. Go Chiefs!

  2. Listen, listen...! Enough with the with the Eli bad-talk. I'm already a lifelong Giants fan, but as a native NYer who is not currently living in NY i'm hypersensitive about my Giants, ok!! when the Chargers go 0-16 this season, just know that that's karma biting in you the face. i just know i can't wait till Sunday. during fall/winter, football is all we talk about in my house (even tho there are only two of us in said house).

  3. @Ever: Yeah, manz' Browns wanted Eric Berry and he was sad when you guys picked him up.

    @iamnotstrange: Hey now, I never said Eli was a bad QB, in fact I think he's pretty good, but you gotta admit he looks like he has a touch of the Down's. That's all I'm saying. Anyway, not like I think Philip Rivers is that much better, he has permanent douche face and I hate his accent. But hey, we work with what we got.

  4. Yeah, a case of the "4th downs". . . because. . . because the Ravens beat them during the preseason. . . and they, like, must've stopped them a lot. . . or something in that. . . vicinity. . . yeah.

  5. *sings with beer in hand* It's the most wonderful time of the year!

    Pete Caroll wish he had your Seahawks. lol. And what a way to end the post by kicking a man while he's "down". lol. And E-Rich's comment killed it.

  6. @E-Rich: LMAO!

    @Pago: I love football season now. Seriously. Also, your comment about kicking a man while he's LOL worthy.