Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Luh Jared Allen So Much Right Now

Yes, so as we all know, it's the most wonderful time of the year. Well, for those of us that are NFL fans. I continue to kick ass on my Madden Seakhawks *gives the nod to Pago* although last night the fucking Broncos almost beat us. As of this exact moment, we're not doing well in our first week of fantasy football, mostly because Chris Johnson is sucking giraffe balls right now.

Anyway, last night before bed manz and I were talking football and we remembered that our boy Ian had told us about these clips he had seen on NFL Live of Jared Allen doing "Jared Allen Workouts". So we finally looked it up. Unfortunately we didn't find any of those clips. (If you guys know where to find 'em, hook your girl up, plskthx) However, what we did find is a bunch of clips of Jared Allen being FUCKING AWESOME.

Wes Welker was pretty awesome here, too.

LMAO @"Favre throws it into coverage all the time and no one gets after him for that!" and "I'm like Dante Culpepper, like exactly like him except I have a mullet!"

He is so retarded but in the best, most hilarious way.

I love that it seems like NO ONE caught his response.

I really had no idea that he was so hilarious and seems to really be able to not take himself too seriously.


  1. Wait-a-minute!
    When the Vikings played the Saints last Thursday, Jared Allen said that same "Culinary Academy" thing! I caught it. I just thought he was serious. Even my wife said, "Hhmm. I wonder how the Vikings found him." And I go, "He was probably a walk-on."


    Now i know he's a world class clown. Didn't know Wes Welker was also hilarious.

  2. Yeah he went to Idaho State. I read more about dude's history and it is quite colorful.

    I always thought Wes Welker looked like kind of a douche. But hey, don't judge a book by its cover and whatnot.