Friday, September 3, 2010

End of the Week Pron: Tig Ole Bitties

It's been a while since I did a real pron type post, but well, there's my crazy workweeks and also STILL trying to finish my thesis. STILL. (Hey man, when that shit got rejected three times it took the wind out of my sails, you know?) And anyway, my picky ass takes forever to choose pics I really like. I hate the typical pron pics, because I was just oversaturated with pictures of girls in dirty poses showing their snatch. I mean, anyone can do that shit and take a picture of it. But to make the picture interesting or creative in some way is FAR more stimulating, in my jaded opinion.

Last time was ass, so we'll make this one tits. Without further ado:

Those are FABULOUS. She's not even pressing her arms against her sides which every chick does to make them look bigger. They hang very naturally and they remind me a lot of Gianna's breasts. I wonder if that's what Christina Hendricks' tits took like.

Believe it or not, this picture is hardly photoshopped. My roommate who is one of my best friends and who was the director I worked for, knows this girl and he says that it just defies nature, but her body looks almost exactly like that IRL. I wonder if she has back problems. But then, I don't care because her tits are also phenomenal. They're huge but well shaped and they hang nicely.

So, you all know I hate fake tits. I THINK these are real, they could be fake, but I admit I am mesmerized by the wet T-shirt. What is it about wet t-shirts that makes them so awesome?

Speaking of wet, I like this picture even though I think this girl's tits could also be fake. As long as she doesn't lean forward to show any of the ripples, or reveal some horrendously scarred nipples, I give these a thumbs up.

I don't know or care how big her tits are. They look nice and HOT DAMN is she PRETTY. With hardly any makeup on! Those eyes and the DSLs are just mm mm mm good. Seriously. Yeah, I'm biased towards brunettes. So?


  1. this is one IN-CREDIBLE set of pics. no joke, i showed the wife and she goes, "oh my, i'm gonna put #3 on my iPod background!"

  2. *brushes nails on shirt*

    Thank you, thank you. Although I am an "ass man" and all, I think I can spot a great rack any day.

  3. I wonder if she has back problems. But then, I don't care because her tits are also phenomenal.