Monday, September 6, 2010

Been Around the World...Part 6

Usually these posts are about the Adventures of Dioracat, but I had to include something my roommate sent me, because we Asians are so funny sometimes.

Seriously? What if that was really how the dish was prepared? And also, what I wanna know is, till who exploded? The duck or the chef? Does that mean special sauce is included? I NEED ANSWERS!

Maybe I was just tired, but I found it amusing that this sticker was on a toilet in a courthouse. I thought only Europeans called it a water closet. 

So one morning I was at a coffee shop EARLY out in BFE 'cause I had a meeting at 6 am. Yes, 6 am. Anyway, I was sitting there trying to consume as much caffeine as possible and I saw this shit on the wall. I immediately went over to the owner and was like "WTB THIS NAO PLZKTHX" and she let me buy it off her. I'm hanging that up on Batman wall next to my Jim Lee piece of art and my cop of The Gotham Times. 

Manz bought a new phone recently, and when we were at the AT&T store I saw this gloriousness. And I'm talking about the girl in brown. Anytime a girl is standing sideways and you see her bottom half forms a P, then you know she's got some booty.

This sign cracked me up because it's all like GET READY!!! with extra exclamation points. Because, you know, when Jesus does come, he sure as shit is coming to SD first. *rolls eyes*

Speaking of Jesus, can you guys believe that this man in this day and age, in a metropolitan area, was wearing motherfucking OVERALLS? I mean...SERIOUSLY? Dude looked like he straight walked off his farm, I was so incredulous I had to take a picture because I couldn't fuckin' believe it.


  1. Today's special features fowl with a side of crabs...

    And the look on the wife's face of the guy with overalls...She looks absolutely pissed about you taking that picture.

  2. I don't even understand how anyone could possibly try to describe a dish involving duck in a foreign language and make it sound like "fuck a duck until you cum".

    I was considering wearing overalls one day, with the one strap hanging down like LL Cool J in the Fubu commercials. My dignity wouldn't let me do it though. It may let me dress as DJ Lance Rock for Halloween, though.

  3. Man, after seeing that picture, all forms of logic is now gone.But them Asians sure know how to roast a duck.

    Envying your batman sign right about now.

    Digging the voyeur shot. P stands for PADOWW!

  4. @Ever: Indeed.

    @Rowdy: Do you refer to the ass?

    @Stormy: I know, the woman was pissed and I LMAO'ed at her. She didn't say shit when she walked by though, so she can suck it.

    @E-Rich: Right? I love people mis-translating Engrish. Shit is always comedy. Also, don't EVER EVER wear overalls. EVER.

    @Pago: Them Chinese sure do know how to roast a duck, even though they chop the shit up and then reform it looking like a duck. WEIRD ASS SHIT.

    I knew you'd appreciate my Batman sign. And I guess P does stand for PADOWW!

  5. Yes ma'am, P is my favorite letter of the alphabet! if there were some kind of award i would nominate you, because that shot in the AT&T store is like something on Dateline of those hidden camera investigations. "Ass: The Search for the Letter P. Tonight at 10."