Sunday, September 19, 2010

^5s: TV Theme Songs

When I was listening to the radio the other morning they were talking about the best TV show theme songs of all time, and while I agreed with a lot of them, I also thought that perhaps because I haven't really watched TV actively for a while that anything I'd pick would be old school from when I was little. So I thought about it for a while and came up with a list.

The A-Team
I'm not just saying this because of the movie (although I did like the movie a lot) but because I really did fucking love that show back in the day. It was awesome and my favorite character was BA Baracus hands down. When I got to meet Mr. T when I was a kid I thought it was really the greatest thing ever. I used to have a picture I took with him but I think its lost somewhere in the black cold abyss known as my mom's house. But seriously, why wouldn't you LOVE this theme song? I mean shit gets you pumped up!

Fresh Prince
I swear this show was about no color lines because as we know, manz is super white and watched this shit back in the day. He even knows all the lyrics to the intro song. But pretty much everyone I knew watched this show and when I was a kid my mom let me watch it on occasion. The two things that stand out for me right now about this show are the theme song and the Carlton dance.

Knight Rider
This theme song is so awesome Timbaland had to sample the beginning and use it in one of his own songs. Well, it was him and Magoo. (Btw, wtf ever happened to that guy?) This is another song that makes me feel all pumped up. When I hear this song I feel like I need to walk down the street and be in a fight scene with this in the background. And barring that I feel like I need to workout or clean something. That's serious because I'm lazy as fuck. (C'mon do YOU know any super active nerds? Really.)

Gilligan's Island
Some of you know about my fucked up childhood, so you won't be surprised when you hear that my mom kept us super sheltered. So I didn't watch a lot of TV when I was real little outside of some cartoons and a few other shows like Gilligan's Island or I Love Lucy. I think almost everyone my age and maybe a little older knows the lyrics to this theme song. Or at least you know the “THREE HOUR TOOOOOOUR” part.

The X-Files
Because really, it was an amazing show till Mulder left and shit got weird. It was the first show (and only show for a while) that I went out of my way to watch in my adulthood. Every time I hear the theme song its like “OH SHIT MULDER AND SCULLY ABOUT TO GET UP IN SOME CRAZY SHIT!” Well, it's that with a little side of spooky.

Honorable mention: The Jeffersons & The Twilight Zone

'Cause we all know about movin' on up, and The Twilight Zone theme was creepy as fuck. It used to scare the shit out of me as a kid.


  1. this was fun as hell to read. alright....first i thought i was jealous when i read that you met Gianna. now i find out you met Mr. T???!!! what other awesome human beings have you met?
    anyway, all of these are worthy picks, but i think i would knock Gilligan out the top 5 and put in Hill Street Blues. Knight Rider would probably be my #1. Law & Order and Good Times have to get an honorable mention from me.

  2. Sir: I'm glad this was fun to read, honestly, I often wonder what people make of my random ass ramblings, so it's good to know they entertain. As far as who I've met, I guess I've met a lot of people but I dunno who all you or anyone else would find interesting. Outside of Mr. T and Nitro from the American Gladiators (and Gianna) I think those are the only 3 in my lifetime I thought were cool. No, wait, I've met Sammo Hung and Chuck Norris and I thought that was pretty cool at the time, too.


  4. Teef: Link no longer available. :(

    Ever: I know, I suck for not posting in forever. Work is still kicking my ass with the 60 hour, 6 days a week work weeks. I have a long ass rant that I was going to post that's on my netbook. I need to just do that already.

  5. this should work:

  6. TEEF! Thank you!! That was...awesome. I started going back to the gym and I am having srs issues finding inspiring music. But seriously I think I could listen to that song on repeat for like an hour.