Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Midweek Pron: Random Shit I Find Pretty Hot

After so much time in the business and seeing so many "gay for pay" bitches, its difficult for me to find lesbian oriented erotica that I think is hot. Its only hot when both parties are REALLY into it, I feel. I might act like I'm a teenaged boy in a woman's body, but I do have my standards. I mean, just because there are two hot chicks making out in front of me (onscreen) doesn't mean that's immediately awesome. It's got to be real. I love the look in the eye of the girl facing the camera. It's so hot and sultry.

Now, I am not necessarily for or against tattoos. I think a lot of the time they're trashy, usually because people have no concept of art or good taste, but there are some that I've seen that were so well done it really did look like art on someone's body. This is one of those cases. I do love cherry blossom oriented art (yes, I'm biased 'cause I'm Asian, so sue me) but I think what makes this picture awesome to me is that the art is good and it also seems like a frame for what appear to be a pair of very nice breasts.

C'mon, seriously, do I need to explain this one? A chick with multiple guns? Looking pretty confident that she can handle herself? This girl looks like a BAD BITCH. So hot.

This girl is probably what you would call a spinner. She looks like she's maybe 5'0" at the most, maybe even 4'11". I like her body, not too skinny, perky little breasts and some meat on her bones. I like the tats on her thigh, but don't like the half sleeve or the tat on her calf. However, despite all that, she does look hot in those heels, and I love her face. She makes great face.

I love how this is framed. I mean, I love lingerie on the whole. I am an ass man. Combine those two with some artfaggotry and erotica, and you can bet your ass I'm a fan. You know?


  1. The last one is really hot. It looks like some grade A snatch action is about to down.

  2. All good.

    You know the last one always makes me laugh when I see it in a movie or anime. I don't know why, but it's just funny that the director would do that type of shot. Like I really needed to look under someone's cooch to see what's going on, not that I'm complaining. lol.

  3. E-Rich: LOL @ grade A snatch action.

    Pago: It depends on how its done. Sometimes its ridics, but in this case I was feeling it.

  4. Yeah, i love the last pic. The first one's hot too, but her nails scare me.

  5. You know, I didn't even notice the nails until you mentioned it. I bet they're Eastern European, probably Czech. They do the weirdest shit there. /ethnocentrism