Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Madden '11: Copped. Initial Thoughts & Criticisms

So, I'm not supposed to be playing because I promised manz I wouldn't until I did one of the following:

A: Finished my thesis (LAWL)
B: Got to the Super Bowl and either won or lost on my Madden '10 team

I'm in the playoffs and about 2 games away from being either in the Super Bowl or not, but these 50 something hours I been working every week including Saturdays has been brutal. With that said, I sure as hell ain't finishing my thesis anytime soon.

Anyway, so manz is playing his first game on it, and I have some initial thoughts and observations:

- The soundtrack sucks balls. It's almost all classic rock, which I don't mind, but the only song I really like on there is Blur's "Song 2". The Hives' song "Tick Tick Boom" is all right, and so are a few of the other tracks, but to represent hip hop there's the Ying Yang Twins, Weezy, and ARCHIE EVERSOLE? Who the fuck is Archie Eversole? Actually, I don't care, because his song is horrible.

- The new guy Gus Johnson that they have as the play by play announcer alongside Cris Collinsworth is really good. He's WAY better than the previous, and a much better contrast to Cris. Cris seems a little subdued actually, compared to Gus, which is great for me, because most of the time I want to punch Cris in the jimmy.

- The new "offensive coordinator" thing they're doing, I'm not so sure about. I guess they pretend like you're the QB and you've got the offensive coordinator talking to you in your helmet earpiece like he would IRL. Which sounds cool in theory. So far the only thing I KNOW I don't like is he has an annoying accent. It's like a weird amalgam of New York Italian and New Jersey. Also I'm not sure how necessary he is. Well, for manz, he's not so necessary at all 'cause manz has been playing Madden for like 15 years now, and been a football fan for about 25 years now soooo its not like he needs pointers. But I guess if you're not 100% on point with your football knowledge then its an asset.

- They changed their kick meter back to the accuracy/power meter. I am ambivalent 'cause I never do the kicking.

- They changed some of the controls, like turning off speed burst. That is some bullshit. Also, they made fatigue WAY more a factor, which I don't like. Seems like I may end up using my 3rd string RB a lot more than I have before. Which is fine, because my third string RB is gonna be Ryan Mathews. (GO BOLTS!)

- I am gonna post at some point one of the loading screens where there's a shot of Eli Manning looking like he's retard strong and it cracks me up. SO RIDICS. But the intro is really cool and while there sure is a WHOLE LOT of Drew Brees in it (yes, I know, shut up) it seems less geared towards the player saying how awesome he is, and more focused on Drew talking about team and city loyalty. I think I like the change.

That's it for now, but I'll have a better idea of the game as a whole once I actually finish my season on '10.


  1. i haven't copped it yet even tho i said i was going to. i've been checking out the reviews and they've been mostly good. but what i was really waitin for was to see what you thought about the game. when i do pick it up, obviously i'm gonna have to turn off the soundtrack cuz Ying Yang Twins and Weezy will fuck up the whole experience for me. But as far as gameplay, is it worth my $60?

  2. Can I just tell you, honestly, that I felt EXTREMELY flattered when I read your comment? I mean, could I be any more of an internet nerd? I'm serious.

    Yeah, we had to turn off the songs with YYT and Weezy because I just knew that if I heard that shit every time we're doing a fantasy draft over the next several months I would kill someone.

    As far as is it worth your $60? I think so. Here's why: from the purely gamer perspective, its a damned good game and there are a lot of great new features that a football fan, and a gamer, and a fan of the Madden franchise will really appreciate. As an artfag, the graphics are SICK.

    I ignored manz' initial reaction of "I don't like that it's too hard" because I know him, and I know that while he's super competitive and hates easy wins, he also is arrogant and has been dominating for far too long, so a challenge is both amazing & frustrating at the same time. And with men being limited in their emotional spectrum, I think that results in "I don't like that". He admitted just now that it is a good game and it IS worth your $60 despite his initial bitching.

    Does that answer your question?

  3. Yep, questions answered. I'll probably pick it up this weekend. Thanks for posting that.