Sunday, August 22, 2010


So manz has been telling me to watch the Thor trailer for a few weeks now, and he keeps forgetting to show it to me when we're both at our desks. He finally did today and I have to say I'm impressed. I myself am not a Thor fan per se, mostly because I had the same issues with him that most people do with Superman. However, as I've talked about on this blog before, I did read the beginning of the new Thor series several months ago and was fairly impressed. Then to find out that this new Thor movie will be partially based on the story of the new series, well, I was a little more excited.

It was after this that I found out what the casting would be and was even more excited - especially considering that the director would be Kenneth Branagh, and oddly enough, I felt that he could possibly do a great job of it since his background is mainly Shakespearean. I figured, who better to cover a movie about a Nordic god than Kenneth Branagh, right? I think the 3 casting choices that had me the most excited were:

1. Natalie Portman as Jane Foster
I think you all know about my not so secret nerd love for Natalie Portman. I've already admitted I've liked her since The Professional. She is probably one of the only skinny women in the world that I would get down with in a heartbeat.

2. Anthony Hopkins as Odin
Originally I was hoping for Stellan Skaarsgard as Odin and his son Alexander as Thor, but when I heard Anthony motherfucking Hopkins was cast as Odin I was NOT disappointed. Amazing casting choice, imo.

3. Idris Elba as Heimdall
I don't care that people bitch about the diversification of casting to include minorities and women, when the role was not initially supposed to be for a minority or a woman. (Starbuck in BSG, anyone?) Idris Elba is an amazing actor, and I am excited to see him in this role.

Anyway for those of you that haven't seen it yet, here's the trailer. And yes, I need a late pass, because most comic nerds saw this right after Comic Con. This new job of mine is seriously cramping my internet nerd lifestyle.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jessica Rabbit IRL

Now, I don't usually like blondes but...

Somebody please tell Rosie to STOP BEING SO FUCKING HOT. How come they don't make girls like that anymore?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


If you haven't seen it, you need to. And yes, you do need to see it in the theater. You know me being Asian AND an internet nerd means I hate paying for shit, but I'll be damned if that shit was not amazing in the theater experience. I saw it a couple weeks ago, and I thought it was great for the following reasons:

- I am a huge fan of Christopher Nolan. I think I've seen everything of his at least twice except Following, but I do plan to watch that when I actually get some god damned time.
- I am a fan of Leonardo DiCaprio since The Departed.
- I think Joseph Gordon Levitt is my movie boyfriend since I saw him in Brick. Now, considering my nature, I hardly EVER, and I mean EVER actually like dudes like that. It doesn't matter if it's a celebrity or a regular dude, but generally, about most guys, I don't ever look at them that way. I don't think I've called any dude "hot" in about 10-12 years. But in Brick, I loved his character. I didn't know if I'd like him in anything else, but I did like him in this, so I suppose he's my movie boyfriend for now.
- I love movies that make you think and talk about it afterwards. I especially love movies that at the end you're sitting there like "WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED". Its even better when you have to watch it again just to convince yourself that yes, that shit really did happen the way you remember.

I wasn't gonna talk about Inception here but I saw this infographic (yes, I'm so nerdy, I do love infographics) that I thought was awesome that I wanted to share:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Madden '11: Copped. Initial Thoughts & Criticisms

So, I'm not supposed to be playing because I promised manz I wouldn't until I did one of the following:

A: Finished my thesis (LAWL)
B: Got to the Super Bowl and either won or lost on my Madden '10 team

I'm in the playoffs and about 2 games away from being either in the Super Bowl or not, but these 50 something hours I been working every week including Saturdays has been brutal. With that said, I sure as hell ain't finishing my thesis anytime soon.

Anyway, so manz is playing his first game on it, and I have some initial thoughts and observations:

- The soundtrack sucks balls. It's almost all classic rock, which I don't mind, but the only song I really like on there is Blur's "Song 2". The Hives' song "Tick Tick Boom" is all right, and so are a few of the other tracks, but to represent hip hop there's the Ying Yang Twins, Weezy, and ARCHIE EVERSOLE? Who the fuck is Archie Eversole? Actually, I don't care, because his song is horrible.

- The new guy Gus Johnson that they have as the play by play announcer alongside Cris Collinsworth is really good. He's WAY better than the previous, and a much better contrast to Cris. Cris seems a little subdued actually, compared to Gus, which is great for me, because most of the time I want to punch Cris in the jimmy.

- The new "offensive coordinator" thing they're doing, I'm not so sure about. I guess they pretend like you're the QB and you've got the offensive coordinator talking to you in your helmet earpiece like he would IRL. Which sounds cool in theory. So far the only thing I KNOW I don't like is he has an annoying accent. It's like a weird amalgam of New York Italian and New Jersey. Also I'm not sure how necessary he is. Well, for manz, he's not so necessary at all 'cause manz has been playing Madden for like 15 years now, and been a football fan for about 25 years now soooo its not like he needs pointers. But I guess if you're not 100% on point with your football knowledge then its an asset.

- They changed their kick meter back to the accuracy/power meter. I am ambivalent 'cause I never do the kicking.

- They changed some of the controls, like turning off speed burst. That is some bullshit. Also, they made fatigue WAY more a factor, which I don't like. Seems like I may end up using my 3rd string RB a lot more than I have before. Which is fine, because my third string RB is gonna be Ryan Mathews. (GO BOLTS!)

- I am gonna post at some point one of the loading screens where there's a shot of Eli Manning looking like he's retard strong and it cracks me up. SO RIDICS. But the intro is really cool and while there sure is a WHOLE LOT of Drew Brees in it (yes, I know, shut up) it seems less geared towards the player saying how awesome he is, and more focused on Drew talking about team and city loyalty. I think I like the change.

That's it for now, but I'll have a better idea of the game as a whole once I actually finish my season on '10.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Midweek Pron: Random Shit I Find Pretty Hot

After so much time in the business and seeing so many "gay for pay" bitches, its difficult for me to find lesbian oriented erotica that I think is hot. Its only hot when both parties are REALLY into it, I feel. I might act like I'm a teenaged boy in a woman's body, but I do have my standards. I mean, just because there are two hot chicks making out in front of me (onscreen) doesn't mean that's immediately awesome. It's got to be real. I love the look in the eye of the girl facing the camera. It's so hot and sultry.

Now, I am not necessarily for or against tattoos. I think a lot of the time they're trashy, usually because people have no concept of art or good taste, but there are some that I've seen that were so well done it really did look like art on someone's body. This is one of those cases. I do love cherry blossom oriented art (yes, I'm biased 'cause I'm Asian, so sue me) but I think what makes this picture awesome to me is that the art is good and it also seems like a frame for what appear to be a pair of very nice breasts.

C'mon, seriously, do I need to explain this one? A chick with multiple guns? Looking pretty confident that she can handle herself? This girl looks like a BAD BITCH. So hot.

This girl is probably what you would call a spinner. She looks like she's maybe 5'0" at the most, maybe even 4'11". I like her body, not too skinny, perky little breasts and some meat on her bones. I like the tats on her thigh, but don't like the half sleeve or the tat on her calf. However, despite all that, she does look hot in those heels, and I love her face. She makes great face.

I love how this is framed. I mean, I love lingerie on the whole. I am an ass man. Combine those two with some artfaggotry and erotica, and you can bet your ass I'm a fan. You know?

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Raging Against the Machine (Tl;DR inc)

So my boy Ian had me take a nerd rage test to see whether or not I had nerd rage problems. (He suspected I did.) I think those of you who read the blog also already know the results of that quiz, on a 1-12 scale I scored a 10, which means that apparently I do have some nerd rage issues. I suppose it's fitting considering that Comic Con was last weekend, but I did actually have a lot of rage in general last week, but I think you guys will understand.

Issue #1: Ghetto Card Rage

First thing that pissed me off last week is people acting stupid about being qualifying for their ghetto card. Now for some reason, regular people think its awesome to have a ghetto card or hood cred apparently, and its really starting to piss me off. It all started with a conversation I heard two people having about “baby mama drama”. Now both of these people are minorities, but both of them still live with their parents, had their parents pay for college, and lived either middle class or upper middle class lives their whole lives. They kept saying the term “baby mama drama” and saying “oh no she didn't” and such things, and finally I got irritated and told them they from now on they're not allowed to use language like that because it's wrong and it sounds horrible coming from their mouths. They protested but I insisted, yes, pretty angrily, and after a while one of them ACTUALLY turned to me and said, “Well, fine for me but the other guy went to PUBLIC SCHOOL!” That explanation was given as to a reason why the other person involved could talk “ghetto talk”. It's okay because he went to public school.


I got so mad when I heard this that I said, (in a professional environment) “Fuck that, just because he went to public school doesn't mean SHIT and going forward you are not allowed to TALK ghetto for that reason. I'm sorry but you guys down here in SD don't even fucking know what the real hood is or what a real ghetto looks like so GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE WITH THAT BULLSHIT” Then I said, “You want to know what ghetto is? I'm from OAKLAND for fuck's sake and I used to live in EAST LA! Why don't you take your ass to those places and see if they don't kick your ass for trying to front like you have some street cred! FURTHERMORE if you want to know what a REAL ghetto is, why don't you visit the East Coast and tell me what you think” (Now that I think about it, East Coast ghettos are pretty fucked up, but a super hardcore ghetto would be a favela in South America or else a ghetto in South Africa.)

I don't even claim to have grown up in the hood my whole life, but yes, I was born in Oakland. We lived there till right before kindergarten. Then we moved to LA. For several years the fam lived in middle class areas but when I left them I lived in and around areas of LA that were pretty broke and fucked up. At one point in the same week they found a dead body in the house right across the street from me, my neighbor on the left hand side was stabbed, and the neighbor on the right was robbed at gunpoint. These happened in broad daylight. There have been times in my life when I was broke as fuck and a paycheck away from being on the street. I've never ever ever been able to rely on other people to help me out and never had any kind of support system, so I've had to live in some fucked up places for most of my adult life. It makes me SO MAD when I hear people think it's cool to be “ghetto”. Its like Treach said in “Ghetto Bastard”:

If you ain't ever been to the ghetto
Don't ever come to the ghetto
Because you wouldn't understand the ghetto
So stay the fuck OUT of the ghetto
Issue #2: Nerd Rage

Here's where the nerd rage comes in. So this last weekend was Comic Con down here in SD. Here's what pisses me off mostly. People who think its suddenly cool to be a comic book fan or who front like they're real fans when they only started reading a few here and there solely because the movies started coming out. (Yes, I KNOW X-Men came out like 7 years ago, but sorry, that's not good enough.) I also hate the fact that Comic Con has become this huge crazy thing where most of the major shit that goes on there has NOTHING to do with comic books, or even video games for that matter. I mean last year there was some crazy bullshit line for Twilight. Seriously? STOP BRINGING THE BULLSHIT TO COMIC CON, PLEASE! I mean, honestly, all you're doing is fucking it up for the rest of us, the people who come to appreciate the nerd universe and who actually BUY shit. You think these silly females who went to CC last year actually bought anything there? Fuck that. Then they go back to their friends and gush about how they went to CC to see MOTHERFUCKING EDWARD. Ugh, kill me.

A secondary but no less rage prompting thing was the fact that I heard random people and multiple news outlets talking MAD SHIT about nerds. I think most of us that call ourselves nerds and are proud to do so are not the kind of nerd they're thinking of. Most of the people I know that consider themselves nerds aren't what you picture when you think of the word “nerd”. What I don't understand is the need for the shit talking. Why? Why is that necessary? Because it's an easy target? Because it's easy to make fun of the people you think are going bald, live with their parents, wear glasses and all those stereotypes? I said it last week on Facebook, but don't forget that some of us who call ourselves nerds can and will kick your ass if provoked.