Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Madden '11 Breakdowns

Who's got 2 thumbs and paid the money for the pre-sale on Madden '11?


Yes, yes I did, about 2 weeks ago. Looks like they just released breakdowns, so for those of you that I know are fans, here you go:

E-Rich and Malcolm are Ravens fans I believe, so here's the breakdown for them:
Baltimore Ravens

Dart is a Pats fan, so here's New England's:
New England Patriots

Ever is a Chiefs fan, I remember, so here they are:
Kansas City Chiefs

Unfortunately Pago, I didn't see Seattle's breakdown on the site just yet, but maybe in the next day or so, I think. I'm fairly pleased, the Chargers look pretty decent, and of course Ryan Mathews is going to be my backup for Chris Johnson. I'm excited.


  1. yeah, i gotta clear my schedule for Aug. 10. The last Madden game i bought was 09. i figure i'll upgrade every OTHER year. my Giants should be a decent team, but they're not listed yet. or i could just fantasy draft the most awesomely unfair team ever and take it online.

    does that sound familiar to you?

  2. They straight up disrespected my Chiefs. Fuck EA sports.

  3. Caroll and company are trying to make a lot of off-season moves, so I don't think the breakdown will be available anytime soon.

  4. iamnnotstrange: SNAP. We didn't take our shit online though, we're playing a season. We just started the playoffs. I wanted to do it for the hell of it, and also as an easier way for me to start playing on All Pro.

    Ever: I'm sorry, dude. The Browns kinda got shit on, too.

    Pago: That's kind of exciting though, I think. But we'll see what ends up happening, they might have to just go with the roster as is at this point, otherwise they can't ship the game.