Friday, July 23, 2010

Fred Phelps & Westboro Baptist Church v. Nerd Universe

So for some reason I can't fathom apparently Westboro decided to come and relay their anti-gay bullshit propaganda at Comic Con this year. I didn't see them last year, but then maybe I was too consumed with murder and mayhem because of all the people. Who can say? Anyway, so they're there this year spreading their venom (and no, I don't mean Venom, which would be awesome) so the Nerd Empire Strikes Back.

My goodness I wish that they would all fall into a chasm in the earth and just DIE ALREADY so they'll know what God really thinks. 

Man, I used to love Futurama back in the day. Remember that episode where Bender was going to get arrested or some shit, and a brick dropped down between his legs? I DIED.

So you can't really see it, but I love love love the one on the left. "Satan's cake is a lie." 

Odin is God. AMAZING. And how about that other sign he's holding? Hilarious.

Finally, a DC fan. Not many of them around these days, seems like Marvel fanboys are coming out of the woodworks with nary a DC fan to be found.

I saved the best for last. 


  1. NEVER thought I'd see the name Fred Phelps on this blog. His people are all kinds of retarded. If you've never seen it, watch the documentary about him and his church. It's called "Fall From Grace."

    On another note, CCSD still hasn't been crossed off my bucket list. Gotta work on that.

  2. While the WBC has been featured here before, you're right, I've never mentioned the name Fred Phelps. But man, he is such an fucking idiot. And so are his people. But then, I don't really agree with a lot of extreme fundamentalism.

    If you ever come out to CCSD, we will have to have an internet nerd meetup. Y'know, some of my best friends I've met online. Not surprising, eh?

  3. Nerds 100, WBC 0.

    God sure does hate a lot of things.

  4. That God is super hateful I've found. Or so they tell me.