Saturday, July 3, 2010

For iamnotstrange: My Not So Secret Love for RATM and Zack de la Rocha.

So because I dunno whether you read comments posted after yours or not, I figured I would just put this information in a post of its own because there's a higher likelihood of you seeing it.

I do still listen to Rage because I feel that their music is still timely and applicable to today's social climate, just as it was when their albums were first released. In fact, "Killing In the Name Of" is currently my ringtone. But to see a little how I feel about them and have felt about them throughout the last few years, check these posts if you like:

^5s: My Life's Soundtrack

Open Love Letter to Zack de la Rocha

Musical Mental Orgasms


  1. well alright then! there's post with my name on it. next thing you know the paparazzi are gonna want my picture. *sigh* now i know how hard celebrity life is.

    but seriously, seeing as how i generally don't go outta my way to make new friends i guess i wouldn't know how many RATM fans are still out there. i figured it was me and 10 other people. but you're obviously president of the fan club. the only problem i have with One Day as a Lion? it's too short. check for Zach on the first Lyricist Lounge (a song called "C.I.A." with KRS-One & Last Emperor) and Blackalicious' album Blazing Arrow (a song called "Release"). that top five you made is dope. i can't do 5's. cuz i'd have to include all yours and some wu-tang and rakim to round out my life's soundtrack. anyway, gotta go blast some Rage now

  2. I think my other commenters have either had posts to them or about them, so I figured now was the time for you, since that hadn't happened yet. So are you about to pull the Dave Chappelle move of going to Africa yet? Please don't, because then that would mean you'd say eff everyone else and we wouldn't have the benefit of your humor anymore.

    I don't go out of my way to make new friends either. The friends I have now IRL I made through work, and everyone else I met online. That ought to say something about my lack of ability/desire to talk to new people. And yeah, I agree that One Day As A Lion was too short...when it first came out I read on Wikipedia that there was an album forthcoming after the RATM tour, but I haven't heard anything since.

    I'll check those songs out. I'm old and don't pay attention to music anymore and all. And my list was HARD. Limiting myself to only 5 meant that I had to leave off something else in order to have 36 Chambers on there, but you know, I should have said that was an honorable mention. *sigh*