Sunday, July 18, 2010

Been Around the World...Part 5

So this last week was my birthday week, which is one of the reasons why I wasn't really blogging, the other reason being that I worked like 50 something hours, and I was dead tired. However, there were plenty of great things going on, and I wanted to share.

This shit made me laugh hysterically. It's one of those "It's funny 'cause it's true" type things, you know? Cracked has been falling off lately, but this shit was hi-larry-us. Too bad my Twi-tard friends wouldn't get the "furries" part of this, and I definitely don't feel like explaining it to them.

Best fucking birthday present EVER. I think maybe only Pago (and my boy Ian) knows the story behind my love for Quintin Jammer, but it comes down to this. Basically over the last several months since I've been playing Madden, of course every time I choose the Chargers as my team. Usually we do a fantasy draft but we end up choosing a lot of the Chargers' players because well, I like them. Way back when before we lifted the salary cap on the team manz was trying to pick us a CB and he tells me that Quintin Jammer was the CB for the Chargers and that he was pretty solid. At the time I liked his name so I figured, fuck it, let's use him. Basically in every game since he's had interceptions, pass deflections, tackles, and a few times he's scored defensive touchdowns, so I was like "Not only does this dude have an awesome name but he's fucking amazing." I decided that since I was tired of seeing everyone and their mama with Rivers/Tomlinson/Merriman jerseys, that in true me fashion I would someday have a Jammer jersey. Lo and behold, in the mail comes one from my mother in law. Manz helped of course.

My boy Ian sent me this the day of my birthday as something inspirational for the day. I really thought about this shit for like 3 hours like , "Damn how awesome of a story arc would that BE though??" And for all I know, maybe it has been, I'm still catching up on my comic reading. Late pass.


  1. Chargers? You choose to side with them?

    I do not like.

  2. Yooo, happy belated b-day!

    Green Lantern Batman?? That would really be some out there shit. I'd cop.
    Congrats on that jersey too. I'm not a Chargers fan but Jammer is nice on the field and his last name is either dope or hilarious...depending on your perspective.

  3. Ever: Perhaps you will understand why the Chargers are my team when I say - growing up my whole family, especially my dad were HARDCORE Raider fans. I mean Black Hole type Raider fans, since we were from Oakland and all. This made me hate football. However, since I am not on speaking terms with any of my family, especially my dad, when I got back into football because of manz, I decided to become a Chargers fan (since we live in SD now) just to be spiteful.

    iamnotstrange: I think Jammer's name is dope AND hilarious!

  4. Congrats on your birthday, and finally getting a jammer jersey like you always talked about.

    Yeah giving Batman a green lantern ring is unfair to villains everywhere.

  5. 1. Happy birthday
    2.If Batman gets Green Lantern's power, then the Joker damn well better get something equally if not more impressive. No Aqua Man crap.

  6. Stormy: Joker already has everything he needs, he's batshit crazy (haha, see what I did there?) and that always has seemed to work for him. He's crazy and he doesn't give a shit about anything, so he has no repercussions to fear whatsoever.