Thursday, June 10, 2010

Half Pint Heroes

So artfag nerd that I am, I came across these and was in luuuurve with the artwork. These are pretty amazing and done by this guy named Minga and you can find more of his art here. Definitely worth checking out since I know a lot of you are comic nerds and artfags like me.

All I can think of when I see this one is me watching the show and the movies. "TURTLES IN A HALF SHELL...TURTLE POWER!" Well, let's not bring that up because EVERY TIME I do manz (and on occasion my boy Ian if we're all together) starts singing that lame ass Vanilla Ice rap from the second movie. *rolls eyes&

Can't you hear the old school sad hulk music playing in the background? Emo Hulk is emo.

I love the merc with the mouth. He's awesome. I'm glad they've temporarily scrapped the Deadpool Origins movie because Ryan Reynolds defected to DC. Maybe they can just do a real movie and get Jon Favreau to direct it or something.

This actually in a weird way reminds me of Kingdom Come, because you know how at the end when they're chillin in a coffee shop and Clark and Diana try to spring a surprise on Bruce? (Which fails) Seeing them three together like this being young reminded me that they stay close as they get older.

I love the look on Logan's face like he's trying to figure out whether or not he really likes the blood on his claws. Of course we know he does, but its still kind of cute in a way.

I wanted to dress up as Harley Quinn for Halloween so bad a few years ago before manz moved out here, but didn't know anyone who'd go as the Joker or maybe Poison Ivy. And then by the time he moved out here the movies were out and every one and their mom (or dad I guess in this case) went as the Joker. So lame. But isn't this an awesome picture?

HAD to save the best for last. I love the maniacal glee on his face. Just what I imagined he looked like as a child.


  1. Go Ninja, Go Ninja Go Ninja Go!

    Ah, such lyrical mastery. :P

    And power to the Joker.

  2. I'd pay good money for a nice sized print of each one of these. that's how awesome they are. You always find the good shit! Oh, and sad old school Hulk music FTW. doesn't get any better than that...i can picture David Banner walking down the road with his huge backpack right now.

  3. Stormy: ...
    Do you know one night Brad sang that whole damned song and wouldn't stop? Damn near drove me crazy.

    iamnotstrange: Yeah, there are a lot of these that are amazing on his site. We've started buying all kinds of stuff to put up on our "Batman" wall, and a few other things we're going to get blown up and put on canvas. I'll take pictures!

  4. That Deadpool picture is actually my avatar on Sherdog.

  5. I like these. Has kinduva Tim Burton take to it.

  6. @E-Rich: Where'd you see this dude's art at?

    @Pago: Yeah, you're right, they do. And I still like them. (I'm kind of over Tim Burton's style, actually.)

  7. I was using this website my pre-fiancee introduced me to called stumbleupon. You just check off the type of crap you're interested in and it just randomly sends you to websites on the internet. I was stumbling around and, joy and pancakes, I found this guy who makes awesome interpretations of comic book characters.

  8. is there any way i can get ahold of Minga id rly like him to draw me us some tattoos id ay him good money i love his work