Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Mortaaaaaal Kombaaaat!

Of course I played and loved those games at the arcade when they first came out, and more recently some of the releases on console, but most video game movies have sucked big hairy giraffe balls. (Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li, anyone?) However, this morning I was late to work JUST so I could finish watching this trailer.

Word on the street (aka internets) is that it's a short along the lines of what Robert Rodriquez initially did for Frank Miller. Basically - please let me do this movie, check out how awesome it could be. It's pretty much the best application for a job I'VE ever seen, that's for sure. It's nerdgasmic, and honestly...7 of 9 as Sonya Blade...HOMINA HOMINA HOMINA


  1. HUGE thanx are in order. i forgot where i was for nearly 8 minutes. that shit looks incredible. i agree, Jeri Ryan as Sonya Blade = Good. Nerdgasm no doubt. And ugh, why remind me of Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li? It was slightly worse than Spawn.

  2. OMG I KNOW RIGHT! I was like "holy shit, what the fuck an awesome Mortal Kombat movie??" And sir, I'm sad for you that you saw Legend of Chun Li. I knew for months before the trailer was even out that it would be horrible and seeing the trailer was enough for me.