Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Conversations With...

This is a segment of my blog where I talk about discussions I've had with other people. Or perhaps they're conversations I overheard, or conversations other people have told me they had. But basically, these are all going to be about shit I find interesting or thought provoking or funny in some way.

So a couple weeks ago manz and I were chillin' and our roommate had just come back from watching Iron Man and we asked him if he saw the Thor Easter egg at the end of the movie. Of course 'cause he's not a huge comic nerd like us, he hadn't so we were showing it to him, and also talking about how awesome Inception is going to be. Then we were talking about the new Twilight movie trailer, and how he saw the movie in Hillcrest (which is a bug gayborhood out here in SD) and how the boys were going crazy over it. He had no idea of what Twilight even was or the craze about it, so we explained it to him. Finally after our explanation he says, "So...why were there bears in the trailer? I thought you said it was werewolves v. vampires..." and I said, "No, there aren't any bears in the movie, at all, actually" and he starts arguing with me that there are. Manz jumps in and says "NO THERE ARE NO BEARS IN IT" so then we had to go watch the trailer again.
Of course, there are no bears in it.

However, I mentioned this on FB and got an interesting thread out of it:

Me: Why did I just have the DUMBEST argument ever? My roommate just came back from watching Iron Man and was trying to convince me that in the Eclipse trailer there are BEARS. We actually went through the agony of watching the trailer and he SWEARS at the end a werewolf jumped in front of a werebear. REALLY? I mean, REALLY? 

Sarah: What in God's name is a "werebear?" Or was that your question? 

Megan: um, i could have settled this easily. there are no warebears. end of story.

Parris: *deep inhaler suck*

Parris: No but seriously there are straight up werebears and weretigers in fantasy novels and stuff, and videogames. Also PFFT TWILIGHT DOESN'T HAVE ANY BEARS! I mean not that I would know or anything.
Me: Sarah, you learn something new every day, right? So guys I told my roommate what you guys said and he says, "NO I NEVER SAID THERE WERE WEREBEARS I SAID THERE WERE BEARS IN THAT MOVIE TRAILER" Which I know there were not. I mean, I had to watch it an agonizing 3 times.
Me: PS. Parris ♥ (You oughta know why)

Sarah: wow.

So now after all THAT, I get an email from my roommate:

Subject: Eclipse Re-examined
Upon closer examination, it turns out that I was right. The below is clearly not a wolf. And by the way, vampire or not, should you really go into battle wearing tight jeans? You can also see the group on the right in a rugby scrum trying to take down another bear. The evidence is mounting. Exhibit B: Irrefutable.
Exhibit C: Undeniable.

I think what I love the most is that he was so dedicated to his cause, he fired up Final Cut, did screengrabs of certain parts of the video, then photoshopped the screengrabs. 



  1. the whole incident is ridiculously funny, but for some reason "he fired up Final Cut" literally had me LMAO. that's a lotta work to go thru to prove an already dumb point.


    Inception: can't wait

  2. Yeah, I totally had an argument with my girlfriend who implied that True Blood was only popular because Twilight made vampires popular. That's like telling me that anal sex with women is only popular because gay men made anal sex popular.

  3. iamnotstrange: He will go a LONG WAY to prove a point, that's just the kind of person he is. It's kind of ridiculous because you can't argue with the guy.

    E-Rich:Best ANALogy ever. (Lame, I know. But I thought it was funny.) Tell your gf that vampires were popular long before Twilight, and Twilight didn't make vampires popular, Anne Rice, Blade, and Underworld did. Twilight made eternal teenage angst and unrequited love popular.