Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beginning of the Week Pron: Titillating Topless Tarts

I've been feeling pretty under the weather for the last several days, and I can't seem to figure out why that is. I've been trying to get enough sleep although that doesn't seem to be working out for me unfortunately. However, I'm trying everything, and looking at pictures of naked girls always makes me feel better to some degree, so I'm sharing the photos I liked best from around the interwebs.

This girl has to be of Eastern European descent because outside of them, only my girl Gianna has breasts of this shape and size. (This shape and size meaning absolutely perfect.) I'm big on breast to nipple ratio, nipple placement, and shape of breast to determine the awesomeness level of a nice pair. Like for example Honey du Jour? *shudders* No thanks. Although this pose isn't "sexy" per se, I appreciate it because it let us see the true size and shape of her breasts. I hate it when girls try to push them together with their upper arms or turn their bodies so they look more awesome than they are. FALSE ADVERTISING!

I feel that there is a clever caption in the making here but I'm not quite feeling well enough to provide one myself. Okay, I'll be honest, I'm generally just not clever enough to provide clever comments with any consistency. (Wow, I'm feeling all kinds of alliteration today, apparently.) This also is another awesome pose for us to see the size and shape of her breasts. Which I entirely appreciate. She's a wee bit on the skinny side for me, but I'd feed her some cheezburgers.

First off, I love black and white photos. Love them. I don't know why. Second, I love brunettes. This girl is like the perfect size and shape for me, and I'm imagining in my head that she's doing this because she really wants to cook some topless dinner. And I'm definitely down with that.

I can't really make out this girl's face very well, but I think I'm all right with that because I suspect she might be a butterface. This girl is also a very nice size and shape...well, she does look a bit short. I like women that are 5'5" at least because I hate walking next to a girl and feeling like an Amazon queen. I'm 5'8" myself and if I'm wearing heels (which I like to do) then I feel like I'm Godzilla in Tokyo walking next to a girl who's like 5'3".

I think you guys know I'm not partial to blondes, nor am I partial to short hair, but this girl can get it any day of the week. This is what I imagine Christina Hendricks looks like naked, because based on my serious observation of her breasts, I figure they're about this size and shape and width apart. But they're fantastic looking, aren't they?


  1. Tig ol bitties. Me likey.

    I wonder if that second picture comes from a xxx parody for Blazing Saddles.

  2. "I wonder if that second picture comes from a xxx parody for Blazing Saddles."
    LOL!! If you pitch it, they will make it.

    I had to get familiar with that Honey du Jour you mentioned since I'd never heard of her. I see what you mean. But all these ladies here are winners. Especially the one in the kitchen. I wouldn't care what she made, it would be the best meal ever.

  3. @Both of you: It's kind of sad that I know this but...I don't think that picture was from a parody of Blazing Saddles or anything else. The companies that make features like that generally have contract girls that they use, and all those contract girls are usually very skinny with big fake tits. I could be wrong, but I recognize most racks in the business, and that one is not familiar to me.

    @iamnotstrange: I am not down with the flapjack tits, they're so gross. I mean, if you need to wear a bra solely for the reason that you have to make sure they're above your belly button, then seriously, GTFOHWTBS.