Monday, June 14, 2010

Beginning of the Week Pron: For Inspiration, As Requested

So I figured after the requests of more ass, that I should oblige, since I've been holding onto a few of these photos for a while but just haven't posted them for whatever reason. I've kind of found them from all over the web, and I like them all for different reasons, but you guys know I'm an "ass man", so I have a special fondness for a woman with some rump roast. (Then again, if you are built like Gianna, Carmen Hayes [btw, E-Rich, I love her, she's a really cool chick, too] Angel Dark, or a bunch of other fine females that are blessed with both breasts and ass, well I'm not complaining.)

I dunno, in my old age I must be just becoming more conservative or something, because more and more I am finding erotic pictures like this super hot as opposed to a chick with her ass and beef curtains all out. But, I digress. On a artfag level this picture is amazing, and if you like ass, well, its even better. And if on top of all that you like lingerie? (Like myself) This one's a winner in my book.

I picture that this girl is a super naughty hot chick with pig tails and one that cracks her gum all loudly, and you really hate it when she does it, but she's so hot you can't do anything but want to have angry sex with her. You guys know what I'm tombout. I love chicks in roller skates and I'm kinda meh on tats depending on how they're done, but this photo works.

I got over the fetish for fetish a LONG time ago, but I'll be damned if this picture isn't hot on a lot of different levels. I mean, her body is slammin, she's got the perfect pelvic bone to pull this off, and one of my other favorite poses as well (you know the one, the crouching with the knees out, and looking over the shoulder look). And also, well, the licking up the milk is pretty hot, too. And I'm not even into blondes.

Speaking of blondes, how many of you wrestling fans have at some point or another fapped to this chick? I mean manz even admitted feeling some intense love for her, and he told me that in his mind that it was two things about her that really made her stand out, first, her ass of course, and second, her smile. She's got a great smile, but of course that's not what we're looking at, is it?

Oh man, these outfits are always the worst. I had so many porn outfits in wardrobe that I had to deal with, especially when shooting a breast or ass fetish movie, and I got SO sick of them. This was one of them, but I won't lie, those thigh hi leggings really work for this girl, especially because they do such a good job of making her ass cheeks look so...well, rump roast like.

I saved in my opinion, the best picture for last. I swear I must be becoming a pervy old man or something because I'll tell you what, some white cotton panties can be pretty damned hot. But this girls figure is just...perfect, her ass is awesome, she's got a really nice back, and I'll admit, I'm partial to brunettes. Also I think I like this picture because it's like precursor to doggy and it's good for the imagination.


  1. Your words accompanied by these ass-stounding pictures is victory. Like what Ever said.

    I also didn't know (more like wouldn't know) that catwoman's hair color if you didn't point it out. Ya know, because her ass is in the way.

  2. You will forever be my friend because you have come in contact with women that I would freeze up around and you're a nerd/artfag. Stacy Kiebler is also a classic because I used to watch WWE all the time, not to mention she's from Baltimore (raises the roof). I'd also like to add that that picture you put up of the girl covering her nipples and smiling like a nymphet a while ago is my phone wallpaper.

  3. @Pago & Ever: *bows*

    @E-Rich: Dude, you wouldn't believe how much of a dork I was initially with Gianna. Her sex appeal just rolls off her like she's fuckin' Amora the Enchantress and shit. First time I met her I had to write her name across her breasts and I was LITERALLY drooling and my hand was shaking. But Carmen is fucking awesome. She's so chill and laid back, and just NICE, that she's not intimidating at all.

  4. i'm not the type of human being that normally succumbs to jealousy, but the fact that you've met (and TOUCHED) Gianna just makes me sick with envy.
    Thanks for the mouth-watering pics tho!

  5. @iamnotstrange: Dude, I am so lame (and please don't try to reach through your computer screen and choke me) that Gianna and Roxy Deville asked me to go to a spa with them where we'd pretty much be hanging out naked all day AND I PUNKED OUT. Just the thought of even attempting induced anxiety.