Sunday, May 30, 2010

Love of the Female Form + Artfaggotry = Amazing Shit That Is Not Pron.

So despite the fact that I'm basically a dude (although my new sassy gay friend Matthew seems to think I'm seriously a lesbian) you guys are aware that I have my artfag moments and I am not afraid to share those moments. Especially not when it has to do with naked chicks. Here's some stuff I've found from around the web that I've really liked.

There is so much awesomeness in this picture there are no words for it. I mean, she's wearing Chucks. And knee high socks. And she's holding VINYL. AGAINST HER BOOBIES.

This genre of photo I really, really love. I believe its called "cheesecake", that era like the 40s and 50s when there was awesome pinup lingerie and the women were BUILT, instead of being these skinny little twigs you'd break in half. Even though you can't see anything but the bottom half of this girl, the picture is hawt anyway.

This one's more of the fetish nature, which is sometimes my thing, depending on the girl and what's going on, but this picture I found SUPER hot. I think it's the red and black contrast. And well, the heels and the pantyhose. Those will usually do it for me anyway.

This girl is so gorgeous naturally and I love the fact that she reminds me of a female emo Two Face.

Pussy. Is there anything more that needs to be said?


  1. Women who dig vinyl is sexy.

  2. Why must I be like that? Why must I chase the cat? Nothing but the dog in me. . .

  3. Bow wow wow yipee yo yipee yay!

  4. 4 outta 5. The daughter of Harvey Dent up there in the 4th spot doesn't work for me. but i give it points for creativity, i guess. and my fiancee says all girls are "a little bit lesbo" (her words, not mine, as Tavis Smiley would say). so don't worry about labels.