Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life Is Bootyful

Holy fucking shit, I think this is the longest that it's been since I haven't posted since the very beginning of this blog in like '06. After starting this new job at a labor union (which is fucking awesome by the way, I love it) shit has been crazy. My hours are flexible, but the range of time I can be working is a little nuts. Sometimes I work all week and the weekends, sometimes I just work during the week but its like 12 hours in a day a few days in a row.  Last week I had to get up at the unholy hour of 4 and I almost died. Or killed myself. Or something. 

That's the good news, the bad news is that my thesis got rejected THREE times and although I thought I was going to graduate this semester, I can't until it gets approved. So...I'm shooting for this summer. But fuck, that put a dent in my self esteem, boy, I tell you what. I thought that shit was fucking brilliant, but it turns out, my professor did not. *sigh* I admit I was being a little emo about it, because I figured, new job, wedding, graduation, it would all happen around the same time and I could just move onto the next phase of my life, but alas, it was not to be. But I finally picked myself back up and tried to think positive like Marcus always says.

What's shitty is that before at every other job I had, I always had the ability to be online like ALL the damned time, but now I spend most of my day running around and in meetings, so it cuts into the time I would spend writing my posts. *shakes fist at new workplace* So, Ever, thanks for waiting patiently, and Pago, sorry for being a lamer on away all the time. (Btw, Ever and iamnotstrange, you guys on gchat?) I'm thinking I really need a netbook (or an iPad but that shit ain't happening soon) so even if I am running around I can still write shit. 'Cause writing posts on my Bb Bold is HRD.

Anyway! So like is fairly bootyfull. I gotta start working on my thesis again here soon, but I got SO MUCH shit to write about here that I think I'm gonna take more of a break on my thesis and start posting here more often again. Meanwhile, chew on these Brazilian rump roasts.


  1. Gchat? Que es eso?

    My new job kicks butt too. I get to drink milshakes and eat cheesecake all day.

  2. Gchat = Google Chat in gmail. Its the only messenger service I can really use at work/on the road.

  3. Due to recently losing my phone, I have zero internet access during school. Good thing is I get out on the third.

  4. "The Wheel weaves as the wheel wills"

    I'm also considering getting that as a tramp stamp. Man, that rump roast was delicious.

  5. One word comes to mind to sum up my feelings about this post: Damn.

    Damn #1: I'm sorry your thesis got rejected. That shit is no joke. I understand the frustrations of grad school. All in due time tho.

    Damn #2: Brazilians. Goodness gracious.

    I do have a gmail account. Maybe i should go learn about all the features...

  6. I suppose combining the first part of E-Rich & iamnotstrange's statements boils down to "it is what it is". I think I've got a better idea as to why the shit got rejected, but I'll be handling that this summer.

    If ya'll are online and using gchat lemme know. I get bored when I'm waiting for meetings. (And during meetings, for that matter.)