Saturday, May 29, 2010

Conversations With...

This is a segment of my blog where I talk about discussions I've had with other people. Or perhaps they're conversations I overheard, or conversations other people have told me they had. But basically, these are all going to be about shit I find interesting or thought provoking or funny in some way.

So a few weeks ago when Iron Man 2 came out, my boy Ian at skeptikdesign was going to see a double feature of Iron Man and Iron Man 2 the night of the release of the sequel. Here's an email thread between him and his boy Matt.

From Ian to Matt:

It was a clear black night a clear white moon
Matt and Ian were on the way to see Iron Man 2

Whats the plan buddy meet at your house? Mine? Time? What should I wear? Is there a really a difference between Coke and Pepsi? Who won the 1964 world series? Do you believe in Sasquatch (or the Alabama stink ape if you prefer)? Is it gay that I own a Miley Cyrus album?

Matt's reply to Ian:


Indeed - tonight will be a great night for us fanboys.  I'm glad you emailed.  Great questions - I'm glad you asked.  Below are my answers:

1.)  Lets meet up at my place around 7:30pm
2.)  I was thinking we pick up some cardboard, tin foil and red and gold spray paint, and we can create makeshift armored suits.  I can be Iron Man, and you can be War Machine.  Or we can just go casual.
3.)  There are a few differences between Coke and Pepsi.  My internet research has led me to the following: 
Pepsi uses blue color for branding and Coke uses red.
Pepsi is sweeter than coke.
The carbonization level is higher in Coke than Pepsi.
The branding techniques are used more by Pepsi Company than the Coke.
4.)  The St. Louis Cardinals were the 1964 World Series Champions
5.)  The Sasquatch and Alabama Skunk Ape seem to be 2 different phenomena.  Sasquatch was indeginous to the Pacific Northwest, and his activities seemed to heighten during the late 70's and early 80's.  I believe it is possible that he was out there cruising the woods.  It is my belief that he may have retired from his Sasquatchery, as there have been no sightings as of late. The Alabama Skunk Ape, however, is still on the loose.  He, however, seems to be on the move.  Sightings have occurred from Pike County Alabama, all the way to  Western Florida.
     It is my belief that the Alabama Skunk Ape and Sasquatch are 2 different beings.  Sasquatch is more humanoid than ape.  One could describe him as a "missing link".  The Alabama Skunk Ape looks to be an oversized Primate, and lacks the human characteristics of the Sasquatch.
     In summary, I think that Sasquatch did exist, and may have passed away.  The Alabama Skunk Ape seems to have picked up where the Sasquatch left off, and resides somewhere in the Southeast.
6.)  It is very gay. 

From Ian to Matt:

"One of the best e-mails I have gotten in a long time"
-Raves the Daily Planet

"I laughed, I cried, I lost 40 pounds"
-Says The Uzbekistanie Times

"I eating packing peanuts...tan your hide..zipper"
-Mumbled Some Homeless Guy

"Uproariously Entertaining"
-Declares Phylis My Secretary  

"See you at 7:30"
-Replied Ian Roche of Brutally Handsome Man Weekly

In closing I'd just like to say that while all of it was funny, one thing stands out to me. Okay, two. The first is the fact that Ian used The Daily Planet as a news source which = awesome. Two, Brutally Handsome Man Weekly???

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  1. Brutally Handsome Man Weekly FTW lol. Email is funny as hell