Monday, May 24, 2010

Been Around the World (Part 4)

Just some pics documenting what the fuck I been up to. A friend of mine had a birthday theme party last week and the theme was "prom". Manz decided to go as Clark Gable. That shit was hilarious, he shaved all his facial hair and left his mustache, then shaved the middle of it and we darkened it. I decided to go as an emo kid. I had some thick ass black eye makeup, a black dress shirt, a skinny tie, black skinny jeans and I wore chucks. I couldn't see for shit most of the party 'cause my bangs were in the way. I never ever post pics of myself up on here but I thought I'd do it 'cause I always talk so much shit about emo kids. It's sad that I know enough of what they look like to dress like them. 

Juxtaposition fail. This was taken right outside the front door of my new job. I couldn't decide actually if it was a fail or a win. Is it supposed to be a before and after?

Manz has been obsessed with this shit we found at the bodega called Leninade. Some of the propaganda from the bottle:
"A taste worth standing in line for!"
"Beware the repressed communist party animal who is really a proletarian in denial masquerading as a bourgeois cold war monger!"
"Get Really Hammered & Sickled!"
"Drink, comrade, drink It's this or the gulag!"

Last but not least I had promised my boy Mundo that after the wedding we would get pizza for our "Dioracat is dropping movie knowledge on your ignorant asses" night. So, we got pizza, and he cancels because he had to work late and was tired. This was on a Wednesday. What does he do but that Friday texts me saying, "Pizza?" I said, "Dude no, what the fuck, we had pizza Wednesday! I can't have pizza two times in one week!" He says, "Yes you can, because pizza is infinite!" I had no idea what that meant , but I'm guessing it means you can have pizza every day if you want, forever and ever. Manz drew this for him for the next time he comes over...the best part is, Mundo is a math teacher which makes this extra funny.


  1. Pizza is one hell of a drug.

  2. I'm personally a fan of Stalinade myself.

  3. Pizza IS one hell of a drug, and Stalinade sounds like an alcoholic drink. I bet its like 3 shots of different types of vodka in one drinking glass.